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Kraft aMOOza! Twists are the perfect on-the-go snacking solution for any occasion

On-the-go Snacking Ideas

  • aMOOza! Twists are individually wrapped making them great for picnics
  • Put a smile on their face by packing aMOOza! on your next road trip
  • Enjoy aMOOza! Twists at your next social gathering
Have a “Snack Station” in the refrigerator: use a large re-sealable container and fill it with pre-portioned veggie sticks, berries, whole grain crackers and aMOOza!

Snacking suggestions/tips:

  • After 60 minutes of intense exercise it is helpful to have a snack that contains carbohydrates and protein. Give your all-star aMOOza! Twists with whole grain crackers after a big game!
  • Have aMOOza! and pre-cut veggie sticks ready in the refrigerator so that your child can enjoy an easy and nutritious afterschool snack.
  • Time it right: aim to provide your child with a nutritious snack 2-3 hours before or after a meal.
  • Afterschool Snacking: Portioning and pre-cutting fruit and veggie snacks ensures your child will consume the right amount.
  • A well-timed snack can balance spikes in hunger and provide an essential energy boost between meals.
  • aMOOza! is sure to satisfy the pickiest eaters while providing calcium for strong bones and teeth and protein for growing bodies.

Other snack ideas:

For a quick and easy snack, include an aMOOza! Twist with:

  • 125 mL (½ cup) fresh or frozen and thawed berries
  • 1 piece of fresh fruit and a glass of water
  • 15 grapes – try them frozen!
  • 1 small homemade whole wheat carrot or zucchini muffin
  • Sliced tomato
  • A sliced apple or pear
  • 30 g lower sodium pretzels with 2 cups (500 mL) water
  • 1 cup of sliced veggies
  • 1 piece of fresh fruit and a glass of water
  • One slice of homemade whole wheat banana bread
  • Homemade chips: Take ½ a whole grain tortilla,drizzled with 1 Tbsp (15 mL) Pesto
  • 10 almonds and 1 Tbsp raisins
  • 4 celery sticks – twist an aMOOza! around the celery for a fun snack!
  • 2 cups of unsalted plain popcorn
  • A handful of baby carrots with 1 slice of lower sodium deli meat – rolled up with aMOOza
  • 4 Graham Wafers
  • ½ cup of grilled pineapple