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BBQ & Grilling

  • 1Always start with a hot grill. Pre-heat your grill for 10 minutes before cooking. The heat will seal in the flavour and create those great grill marks.
  • 2Keep the lid down! Lifting the lid allows heat and steam to escape from the barbeque, increasing total cooking time. A closed lid also reduces the chance of flare-ups.
  • 3Avoid flare ups by trimming excess fat from steaks.
  • 4To maximize the juiciness of meats, use tongs instead of a fork during cooking. Piercing meat with a fork will cause the juices to run out during cooking.
  • 5Be sure to completely defrost your frozen meat before cooking so your meat will cook evenly.
  • 6It’s easier to clean the barbecue when it’s still warm after cooking. Use a wire brush.
  • 7These are some great tools for barbecuing:
  • Tongs - the most essential tool which saves you from burning your fingers.
  • Spatula - perfect for flipping anything on the grill.
  • Basting brush - brush the meat/fish to add that extra flavour while cooking.
  • Water spray bottle - grease fires are the enemy as they give food that bitter, charred taste, so keep this on hand to stop any flare-ups.
  • Oven mitts - an essential when the heat is turned up.
  • Grill fork - great for turning food and lifting big pieces off the barbecue.
  • Wire brush - it’s important to keep the grill clean while you’re cooking. This tool will help keep your grill free from burnt-on bits.