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1. Are the Diana® Sauce and Marinade bottles recyclable?

Yes, our Diana® Sauce and Marinade bottles and caps are recyclable. The only elements that are not recyclable are the freshness and security seal at the top of the Diana® Sauce bottle, and the shrink sleeve on the Diana® Marinade bottle. Both are features we have added to maintain freshness and security.

2. Do the plastic Diana® Sauce and Marinade bottles have BPA?

No. The plastic used in our bottle, cap and security seal/shrink sleeve does not contain BPA.

3. Are the Diana® products considered peanut and tree-nut free? Also, are the manufacturing plants peanut and tree-nut free?

The manufacturing facilities responsible for the production of Diana® Sauce and Diana® Marinade products are peanut and tree‑nut free.

4. Which Diana® products are gluten free?

Two Diana® Sauce varieties and four Diana® Marinade varieties are gluten free. They are as follows:

  • Diana®Marinade: Spicy Southwest Chipotle
  • Diana®Marinade: Steak Spice
  • Diana®Marinade: Garlic & Herbs
  • Diana®Marinade: Caribbean Jerk

5. What is the fridge life of Diana® products?

  • Diana® Sauce = 3 months refrigeration, after opening
  • Diana® Marinade = 1 month refrigeration, after opening