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  1. Kraft Cheese

Kraft makes quality cheese that everyone in the family will enjoy, and our simple and tasty varieties always provide great value. From nutritious after school snacks to yummy dinnertime favourites, Kraft Natural Cheese is sure to please every member of the family.


Kraft Natural Cheese comes in the most popular varieties and flavours, making it perfect for everyday snacking and cooking!

  • Medium Cheddar (450g)

  • Pizza Mozzarella (450g)

  • Old Cheddar (450g)

  • Marble Cheddar (450g)

  • Very Mild Cheddar (450g)

  • Medium Cheddar (320g)

  • Pizza Mozzarella (320g)

  • Marble Cheddar (320g)


Kraft Natural Cheese is perfect for all your family's favourite recipes!

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