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  1. Heinz HP Sauce

HP Sauce


Heinz HP Sauce - Original 400mL and 1L

Heinz HP is an iconic sauce, loved worldwide for over 100 years. Heinz HP’s unique blend of natural ingredients – including tamarinds, molasses, orange juice, apple juice, onions, garlic, mustard, dates, tomatoes, exotic herbs and spices – give the sauce its distinctive, savoury flavour. Heinz HP Sauce is the perfect baste for meat, or a great ingredient in marinades, burgers, stir-fries, curries, and casseroles. Available in 400 mL and 1 L sizes.

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Heinz HP Sauce - Chicken & Rib 400mL

Heinz HP Chicken & Rib is a unique blend of exotic ingredients with a citrus twist. Tropical grapefruit, orange and lemon juices, along with lime oil, caramel and hints of chili peppers give this sauce its sweet and tangy flavour. This flavour profile is ideal for your lighter fare including fish, seafood, chicken and ribs. Available in a 400 mL size.

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Heinz HP Sauce - Bold 400mL

Those craving that extra kick, reach for Heinz HP Bold – the spicy steak sauce & baste for meat. Heinz HP Bold builds on the best of original Heinz HP, adding extra spices and chilies, giving it a more intense and robust flavour. Heinz HP Bold will spice up any of your favourite foods including steak, chicken wings, burgers, potatoes and vegetables. Available in a 400 mL size.

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