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HP Tips and Ideas


Try these simple tips and easy recipe ideas to add flavour and fun to your cooking.

British Classics

Serve Heinz HP Sauce as the perfect finish to a “Proper British” or “Full English” Breakfast – eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, fried tomato, fried mushrooms & toast – It just wouldn’t be same without Heinz HP! Take a few strips of bacon, place between two slices of bread or toast, and smother in Heinz HP Sauce for the perfect bacon sandwich – a.k.a. The Bacon Butty!

Baste for Better Flavour

Brush meat with additional Heinz HP Sauce during the last few minutes of cooking for an added boost of flavour. Add flavour to veggies by brushing them with Heinz HP Sauce while on the grill. Chopped assorted vegetables can also be tossed with Heinz HP Sauce, wrapped in foil, and placed on the grill while the steak is cooking. Mmmm so good! Add a splash of Heinz HP Sauce blended into melted marmalade makes a tasty glaze for grilled chicken or pork.

Perfect for Chicken

Try mixing equal parts Heinz HP Chicken & Rib with ketchup – great dipping sauce for chicken fingers! Mix Heinz HP Sauce with sour cream and use as a cool dip for chicken nuggets. Use Heinz HP Sauce as a baste for regular or breaded chicken wings.

Something a Little Different

Need an extra kick of spicy flavour? Try Heinz HP Bold! Try making quesadillas with Heinz HP Sauce instead of salsa. Mix Heinz HP Sauce with horseradish and place in a martini glass rimmed with jumbo cocktail shrimp for a delicious appetizer. Combine Heinz HP Sauce, olive oil, red wine vinegar and garlic for a new twist on salad dressing.

Heinz HP to the Rescue

Use Heinz HP Sauce to thicken sauces or gravies without separation or requiring reduction time. Add Heinz HP Sauce to ground meat dishes such as shepherd’s pie, meatloaf and burgers. They won’t be the same without it!

Easy Recipe Ideas!

The Heinz HP Marinade:

Heinz HP Sauce is a great marinade or baste for any meat! Place meat and Heinz HP Sauce in a plastic bag or sealable container, squeeze out air and seal. Marinate tender cuts 20-30 minutes at room temperature; medium tender cuts (round, blade or cross rib steak) overnight in the refrigerator; or less tender (flank steak) cuts 1-2 days in the refrigerator. Grill over medium-high heat; turning only once. Add a twist with these great variations:

  • The Heinz HP Beer Marinade:

    Combine equal quantities of your favourite ale, lager, or stout beer and Heinz HP Sauce to cover meat. Marinate as above.

  • The Heinz HP Wine Marinade:

    Combine equal quantities red wine and Heinz HP Sauce to cover meat. Marinate as above.

  • Heinz HP Kabobs:

    Marinate steak, chicken or pork cubes in Heinz HP Marinade, then place on skewers with veggies for zesty kebobs!

  • Note:

    Any marinade that has been in contact with raw meat must be brought to a boil for 5-7 minutes before using as a basting or dipping sauce. Do not save or reuse marinades.

Heinz HP Golden Mushrooms:

Sauté 1 lb (500g) sliced mushrooms in butter until soft. Add 4 Tbsp (60 mL) Heinz HP Sauce and continue cooking until most of the moisture has disappeared. Makes a great topping for steak!

Heinz HP Golden Onions:

Sauté 4 sliced onions in butter until soft. Add 4 Tbsp (60mL) Heinz HP Sauce and continue cooking until onions are golden and liquid has disappeared. Great served on burgers or as a side dish with grilled steak. The best sautéed onions you’ll ever taste!

Heinz HP "Really Good" Ribs:

Par boiling ribs makes them so tender! Cover ribs in a pot with cold water, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Drain. Brush with Heinz HP Sauce, Original or Bold, and grill for 10 minutes.

Heinz HP BBQ Pizza:

Cover pizza crust with Heinz HP Sauce and top with cheese, steak, spinach and onions. Cook in the oven and serve!

Heinz HP Sausages:

Prick sausage in several places with fork to prevent bursting. Brush with Heinz HP Sauce during grilling for added flavour. Serve with additional Heinz HP Sauce.