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NABOB Coffee Co.


The Beginning

It all began when two passionate Vancouverites, Robert Kelly and Frank Douglas, created Kelly, Douglas and Company in Gastown, a quaint neighbourhood in Vancouver, BC. It was at a factory on Water Street, that their interest in quality coffee blossomed. In that very factory they selected, roasted and blended premium quality coffee beans into the great tasting coffee we produce to this day.


Making it official

The NABOB brand was officially registered in 1906. The brand went on to become Kelly and Douglas’ best known product line.

The NABOB brand originated from a play on ‘Bob’ from Robert Kelly’s name.
The NABOB line of products used to include teas, spices and extracts in addition to coffee.


Part of the Community

The Nabob Coffee Co. has always had a strong tie to the Vancouver community. Part of that included supporting The Orpheum by sponsoring elegant afternoon teas in the 1930s.

1940s & 50s

A Musical Past

NABOB continued its support of the Orpheum by holding ‘The NABOB Harmony House’ shows at the Orpheum every Tuesday night for more than a decade. The show was broadcasted live nationally on CBC and CJOR radio and featured many musicians including the vocal styling of the ‘Nabobettes’.

The ‘Nabobettes’ were created by Robert Kelly’s son, Frederick.


A Growing Company

NABOB branched into Central and Eastern Canada from the West. Plus, NABOB was the first to launch the innovative hard vacuum pack that very same year.


The SWISS WATER® Process

Continuing to trail blaze in the coffee industry, NABOB became one of the first companies to use the SWISS WATER® Process for decaffeination, providing their customers with a 100% chemical-free guarantee.

Tradition was NABOB’s original decaf blend.


NABOB et Quebec (NABOB and Quebec)

NABOB was introduced to the Quebec market next, officially deeming it a brand that was available across Canada.

NABOB received a PAC Packaging Award for its launch of the composite canister.



TASSIMO launches its Brewing System with NABOB T DISCs, which continue to be the number one product in the single-serve category today.


Commitment to Sustainability

On the next leg of our journey, we took on the mission of sustainability by collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance. We began sourcing 30% of our beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms and introduced the composite canister with a minimum of 50% recycled content.


Even Greener

The very next year, we increased our percentage of coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms to 60%1, with the goal of reaching 100%.


The Passion Continues

The Nabob Coffee Co. continues to strive to bring Canadians premium quality coffee while helping the environment, farmers and their communities. With a firm belief that every cup matters, we also introduced new NABOB Bold blends and a trio of single origin whole bean coffees. Plus, we received the 2012 Sustainable Standard Setter Award from the Rainforest Alliance for our efforts towards sustainable coffee practices.

New NABOB Bold Midnight Eclipse blend received top taste honours from the International Taste and Quality Institute.