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  1. Better Brewing Tips

Better Brewing Tips

When well made, every cup of coffee is worth savouring. See our tips that will elevate any coffee you brew.

(Anything but) Regular Grind

  1. Keep it fresh.
    Fresh coffee is simply better tasting. Buy an amount that you can use within a few weeks.

  2. Storage is key.
    Store coffee in an airtight container away from heat and light. Avoid freezing.

  3. Use enough coffee.
    Measure 2 tablespoons per 8 ounces (250 mL) of water, more if you like your coffee bold.

  4. Use cold, fresh water.
    If your tap water is good for drinking it will make good coffee. If not, use filtered water

  5. Don’t cook your coffee.
    As soon as your coffee is done brewing, remove it from the warming plate, and for optimal freshness drink within 30 mins.

  6. Don’t reheat.
    Microwaving your coffee kills flavour.

  7. Clean your machine.
    Coffee oils are sticky, and once they’re deposited they start growing rancid. Clean your coffee maker well between uses. See the Accessories section for detailed instructions on how to best clean your drip coffee machine.


Make the Best Cup With…

The Siphon

Turn brewing coffee into a performance with a Siphon.

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Nabob Gastown blend

We recommend

1896 Tradition and Gastown Grind

Try one of these delicious NABOB blends in your coffee maker.

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Whole Bean

  1. Get in the grind.
    If possible, grind beans right before brewing.

  2. Blade or Burr?
    There are basically two types of grinder, Blade and Burr.

    Blade Grinders are less expensive and use a metal blade to chop up the beans. You control the fineness by how long you let the grinder run.

    A tool for serious coffee enthusiasts, Burr Grinders crush beans rather than chop them. A burr grinder gives you excellent control over the size of your grinds, allowing you to get the optimal flavour out of them.

  3. Coarse or fine?
    Grind depending on the brewer you are using. For a French Press, grind coarsely. For an espresso machine, you will need a finer grind. For most drip coffee makers, a medium grind works perfectly.

  4. Use enough coffee.
    Measure 2 Tbsp. per 8 ounces (250 mL) of water. Add more if you like your coffee bold.

NABOB Whole Bean

We recommend

NABOB Whole Bean

Grind and brew your best cup with one of our three NABOB Whole Bean coffees.

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French Press

Make the Best Cup With…

French Press

If you choose to grind your beans a bit coarser, a French Press will ease the best flavours from your brew.

See Accessory


  1. Preheat your cups.
    This will keep the coffee at its ideal temperature and allow the aroma to fully develop.

  2. Use enough coffee.
    Measure 1 level tablespoon per 1 ounce of water or follow your espresso machine manufacturer’s recipe for optimal coffee to water ratio.

  3. Think honey.
    An espresso should drip into the cup like honey off a spoon. If the liquid comes out too quickly, the grind is too fine; if it drips too slowly, the grind is too coarse.

  4. Go for the gold:
    The foam on the top, called the ‘crema’, should be a golden or hazelnut colour, not yellow, mottled or dark brown.

NABOB Espresso

We recommend

NABOB Espresso

If you’re in the mood for a delicious cup with a jolt, try our Espresso blend.

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Make the Best Cup With…

An Espresso Machine

With an Espresso machine you can avoid brewing too light or too bitter.

When espresso is served with a thin slice of lemon, it’s called a café romano.