100% Colombian Summit

Medium Roast

Available in: Ground 375g bag, Whole Bean 350g bag, TASSIMO.

Tasting notes

Lively, Rich & Citrus

For an unmatched aromatic finish, brew a cup of this bright, citrusy medium roast and indulge in the exceptionally rich flavour expertly brought out by our Roastmaster. Each sip will shed light on why Colombia is considered a world-class coffee growing region.

NABOB 100% Colombian Summit is a bright, citrusy medium roast with rich flavour.

Why not try

100% Colombian Whole Bean

Want to grind your own beans? 100% Colombian comes in Whole Bean, too. See roast

NABOB 100% Colombian Summit is also available for TASSIMO home brewing systems.

Brew this rich, lively and aromatic coffee in your TASSIMO, too.

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Roasting too dark ruins delicate flavours and too light doesn’t bring them to life.
Rating: 6
NABOB 100% Colombian Summit is a medium roast with a 5/10 body and 7/10 acidity.


The mouthfeel of coffee. Think delicate white wine vs. robust red.
Rating: 5
NABOB 100% Colombian Summit is a medium roast with a 5/10 body and 7/10 acidity.


Perceived liveliness not sourness. Balanced acidity is key for coffee to avoid tasting flat.
Rating: 7

Your best brew

Start with fresh, cold, filtered water and your brewer of choice.
For all coffee makers, our Roastmaster recommends 2 level Tbsp. of ground coffee per 8oz (250 mL) of water.
Enjoy your delicious brew and discover fantastic flavours with every sip.
For optimal freshness, brew within 1 week of opening and store in an airtight container away from heat and cold. That includes fridges and freezers.