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Whether you're looking for a show-stopping entertaining recipe, or a delectable after-school snack, the smooth, creamy taste of Philadelphia delivers every time with these exciting snacking recipes. The unique Philly Cheddar combines real cheddar with the creamy taste of Philadelphia, and Philly Jalapeno brings the heat to the snack table. From delicious layered dips to crostinis to spicy pull-apart bread, we know these recipes will deliver on taste and fun!

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Philly is the delicious creamy spread on your bagel, your favorite cheesecake during the Festive season, and SO much more… click here to discover our lineup of products

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Cooking and baking with Philly easily transforms the foods you eat into the foods you love. Watch it magically melt into a cream sauce for pasta or chicken, spread so easily for a quick and delicious dip and use it to help make a world-class cheesecake. Unleash the possibilities!

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