brick cream cheese

Philadelphia Brick is the ingredient that makes both entertaining and eating occasions a moment to savour. Great in a dip, crumbled on a pizza and perfect for a cheesecake!

  • Original 250g
  • Light 250g

tub cream cheese

Philadelphia Tub Cream Cheese is perfect for spreading on bagels and crackers but is also a great addition to any meal – from pasta sauces to appetizers to desserts.

Original Cream Cheese

  • Original 227g, 340g, 450g
  • Light 227g, 340g, 450g


  • Cheddar 227g, 340g
  • Jalapeño 227g, 340g
  • Chocolate 227g, 340g
  • Cinnamon Brown Sugar 227g
  • Dill 227g
  • Garden Vegetable 227g
  • Herb & Garlic 227g, 340g
  • Smoked Salmon 227g
  • Strawberry 227g

Light Flavours

  • Light Chive & Onion 227g, Light 43% Less Fat than Regular Chive & Onion Cream Cheese per 15g
  • Light Garden Vegetable 227g, Light 47% Less Fat than Regular Cream Cheese
  • Light Smoked Salmon 227g, Light 45% Less Fat than Regular Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese
  • Light Herb & Garlic 227g, Light 40% Less Fat than Regular Herb & Garlic Cream Cheese
  • Light Strawberry 227g, Light 46% Less Fat than Regular Cream Cheese

95% Fat Free

  • 95% Fat Free 227g

whipped cream cheese

Discover the delicious taste of Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese Products. Light, fluffy and perfectly spreadable, the perfect addition to toast.

  • Original 227g
  • Chive 227g
  • Mixed Berry 227g


Whether snacking or entertaining, Philadelphia Dips can be perfectly paired with your favourite chips, crackers or veggies. Made with 40% less fat than the leading sour cream dip, Philly Dips are the only dips made with Philly Cream Cheese. Look for them in your grocer’s dairy case today!

  • Onion 227g, 340g
  • Herb & Spice 227g, 340g
  • Dill Pickle 227g, 340g
  • French Onion 227g
  • Jalapeno 227g
  • Herb & Garlic 227g