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What's New

Philly Up with NEW Philadelphia Jalapeño Cream Cheese Product and NEW Philadelphia Whipped Mixed Berry Cream Cheese product. Jalapeño blends the smooth and creamy Philadelphia you love with real jalapeño pieces. Whipped Mixed Berry blends the soft and fluffy texture of Philly Whipped with delicious cues of mixed berries.

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Philly is the ideal ingredient in a hot dip, creamy sauce or as a spread or topping. Philadelphia products are available in a Soft Tub, Brick, Whipped Tub or as a Dip.

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Cooking and baking with Philly easily transforms the foods you eat into the foods you love. Watch it magically melt into a cream sauce for pasta or chicken, spread so easily for a quick and delicious dip and use it to help make a world-class cheesecake. Unleash the possibilities!

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