½ Fat Savoury Dips

RENÉE'S<sup>®</sup> DILL ½ FAT DIP


Boasting the same delicate flavour and creamy goodness as our regular Dill dip, this tasty, half fat alternative is great for more than light veggie dipping. It doubles as a marvelous dressing on avocado and tomato salads, and does incredible justice to baked fish.

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  • Spoon onto any fish and bake – dill-icious!
  • Great replacement for mayonnaise.
  • Heat and serve over pasta.
  • Makes a great salad with diced avocado, cucumber and tomatoes.
  • For a quick & delicious Devilled Egg appetizer or side dish: cut hardboiled eggs in half lengthwise, mix dip with yolk and refill egg whites with dip mixture; sprinkle with Paprika and serve.