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Available in a variety of flavours, textures and formats, our premium refrigerated dressings are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients to deliver exceptional quality and great taste! Indulge in creamy creations. Explore exotic vinaigrettes. Enjoy our delectable take on classics like Caesar and Classic Ranch. With regular, half-fat and fat-free options available, Renée's has salad covered.

Available in the refrigerated produce section of your local grocery store.

Savoury Dips½ Fat Savoury DipsGreek Yogourt Dips

Savoury Dips

Delve into these delectable dips with a selection of your favourite veggies!

½ Fat Savoury Dips

With half the fat, these dips give new meaning to light snacking.

Greek Yogourt Dips

Creamy and satisfying, Renée's® Greek Yogourt Dips feature the thick texture and rich taste of Greek yogourt paired with Renée's® flavour expertise for dips that pack a lot of protein into one delicious serving.

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