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  1. Story of Quality

Behind The Barcode

A Story of Quality

Brewing the perfect cup is something CARTE NOIRE doesn’t take lightly. From small batch roast tests to daily tastings, learn how CARTE NOIRE makes sure everything with the CARTE NOIRE name is of the highest standards.


CARTE NOIRE is the epitome of French coffee. It’s rich. It’s aromatic. And drinking a cup of CARTE NOIRE is said to please all the senses. When TASSIMO teamed up with CARTE NOIRE, we wanted to discover why the people of France love this coffee so much.

What makes each cup of CARTE NOIRE such an extraordinary, sensual experience every time?


Instead of roasting beans in large batches, they roast several small batches to ensure the quality each and every time.

Each batch takes 3 hours to roast, from green bean to finished product. That helps ensure that the beans are as fresh as they can be and aroma is strong and rich


The testing process at CARTE NOIRE is rigorous and precise.

About every hour, they take a packaged bag off the line for testing the next day. This tests consists of 5 tasters “cupping” each bag and giving it a score based on things like grind, roast, colour and taste.

If each taster does not give the bag a 5/5, the product does not ship. Simple as that!


  • It started years ago. Taking the art of making coffee and combining it with a desire to master a wide variety of beverage types able to satisfy every palate… the idea that a brewer could cater to all tastes and styles. We’ve documented our journey in a series of videos: from choosing some of the top brands and 100% Arabica beans to pushing beverage variety further than we ever expected.

  • A Story of Heritage

    Staying true to 153 years

    Gävle is a small town that values the art and precision of making coffee and taking a Fika (coffee) break above all else. See how TASSIMO uses barcode technology to preserve the story that Victor Theodor Engwall started 153 years ago and why that story is so important to Sweden today.

  • A Story of Innovation

    Striving for Perfection

    Our journey takes us to Banbury, UK, where a group of passionate coffee lovers are constantly striving to make the perfect cup even more perfect.