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  1. The Power of the Barcode

The Power of the Barcode

TASSIMO has made things so much more convenient. Put the mug under the spout, drop in a pod, close the hatch and press a button. That gives me a lot more time to enjoy the coffee.

- Richard B, Calgary AB

There’s a reason why people love their TASSIMO home brewing systems so much. It’s the one that offers a wide variety among any single-serve home brewer.

And using the power of the barcode, the TASSIMO brewer is able to measure the amount of water, temperature of water, and brew time for each specific beverage.

So the drink you want and the drink you expect, is the perfect cup every single time.

  • We’re convinced that once you try the TASSIMO brewing system, you’ll fall in love. Just ask a TASSIMO brewer owner! Not only do they take pride in serving TASSIMO beverages to their friends and family, but they can also rely on the TASSIMO system to make sure every cup is brewed to perfection.

    101 Video – See the barcode in action

  • "If it was not for the TASSIMO barcode technology, the coffee, lattes, teas, iced teas and hot chocolates would be watery and not taste as good – the barcode is everything and makes a big difference. That’s one of the reasons that makes TASSIMO better than all the rest." - Tammy S, Toronto ON

  • For every unique taste you may have, TASSIMO has the beverage type for you. Providing the most beverage variety is what sets TASSIMO apart from other single serve home brewers*.

    The work is our passion. We do everything we can to make sure that the drinks you brew always taste the way they were intended. It’s the reason we get out of bed every day… or maybe that’s the taste of TASSIMO coffee in the morning.

    *The specific types of beverages that are produced by a system when a consumer uses a T DISC/Pod in a brewer with or without an accessory.