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  1. What's Your Perfect Cup

What's Your Perfect Cup?

My favorite is NABOB Breakfast. My husband’s is CARTE NOIRE Signature Roast. We both love the new Second Cup choices. I always keep a good selection on hand for when family and friends stop by to let them choose what flavor they’re in the mood for.

– Elaine S, North Vancouver BC

With TASSIMO, you get a world of coffee stretching from Sweden to France to the UK and even to coffee shops here in Canada.

We’ve chosen the brands we work with because they share the same passion for exquisite coffee and the perfect cup as we do.

  • In addition to the brands we work with, TASSIMO has the perfect variety of beverages for whatever you’re in the mood for. Espressos, cappuccinos, coffees, lattes, teas, and even macchiatos!

    And did you know our milk-based beverages are made with real milk*? Actually, TASSIMO is one of the only on-demand brewing systems that uses real milk in the beverages we brew. But seriously, would you want it any other way?

    No powdered milk means no powdered taste. That way the cappuccinos and lattes you drink taste the way you expect!

    101 Video – Discover the variety of our drinks

    • Concentrated milk product
  • "I love that the lattes have real milk – no powdered milk like the others – and believe me, that makes a world of difference." - Tammy S, Toronto ON

  • From GEVALIA to Tim Hortons, Second Cup to CARTE NOIRE, TASSIMO has so many different beverages that will help you discover what your perfect cup is – all with the touch of a single button and the power of the barcode.