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  1. Summer Essentials for Diabetes Management

Summer Essentials for Diabetes Management- Kraft Canada

Summer Essentials for Diabetes Management

Summer is upon us and this means more hours of daylight, time outside, day trips, and vacations – but make sure to include your diabetes care in your summer plans! Here are some healthy eating tips to help get the most out of summer activities:


  • Keep track of those carbohydrates! Be aware of the amount of carbohydrates you are consuming, as these foods increase your blood glucose.
  • Plan your meals less than 6 hours apart. Skipping meals makes you hungry and more likely to overeat at the next meal or snack.
  • Beware of beverages! Many beverages, contain natural sugars as well as added sugar from the manufacturer. Avoid fruit juices as these are high in natural sugars. Also avoid drinks labelled ‘fruit drink’, ‘fruit cocktail’ or ‘fruit punch’ as these are high in added sugars. Choose beverages that are sweetened with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. These will not increase your blood glucose.
  • Ask yourself if you are really hungry. Avoid eating out of boredom or for emotional reasons. When tempted, sip a glass of carbonated water or water sweetened with sugar-free drink mix.
  • If you know you are going to indulge in a less healthy option at one meal or snack, plan to eat healthy the rest of the day. Make sure to eat all your food group servings, especially your vegetables.
  • Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get active! Physical activity opportunities are everywhere. Try walking or swimming to help manage your blood glucose levels. 

At the beach or park:

  • Pack a cooler for your day in the sun and load it with vegetables. And don’t forget water to stay hydrated!
  • Portion your snacks ahead of time to prevent overindulging.

At the campground or cottage:

  • Pack healthy alternatives to campground classics. Trim the fat by choosing turkey, chicken, or veggie dogs instead of beef hot dogs. Don’t forget the whole wheat bun and side salad!
  • Fire up the grill. Grilling is a low fat cooking method. Swap your high fat sausages and burgers for chicken, fish, tofu, and kebabs more often.

At a BBQ or party:

  • Curb your appetite before the party to avoid overeating. Help tame your hunger by eating a handful of carrots, or a small container of yogurt before you head out.
  • Keep your distance from temptations especially food tables and snack bowls, this will help reduce mindless munching.
With a little forethought, enjoying summer activities will not interfere with managing your blood glucose levels.