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Treatment of Diabetes

Today, more than ever before, people with diabetes can expect to live active, independent and vital lives if they make a lifelong commitment to careful management of the disease.

Diabetes is managed in the following ways:

Education: Diabetes education is an important first step. All people with diabetes need to learn about their condition in order to make healthy lifestyle choices and manage their diabetes. Speak to your physician about attending a class at a Diabetes Education Centre. Here, Certified Diabetes Educators will help you to understand diabetes, how to treat and manage it.

Meal Planning: What, when and how much you eat affects how well your body manages blood glucose levels. According to current guidelines from the Canadian Diabetes Association, all foods can fit into your meal plan. You don't have to sacrifice great taste to manage your condition.

Exercise: Regular exercise helps your body lower blood glucose, promotes weight loss, reduces stress and enhances overall fitness.

Healthy Weight: Maintaining a healthy weight is especially important in the control of type 2 diabetes. Being at a healthy weight means your body may be better able to control blood glucose levels.

Medication: Type 1 diabetes always requires daily injections of insulin. Type 2 diabetes is controlled through exercise and meal planning and may require medications and/or insulin to help the body make or use insulin more effectively.

Lifestyle Management: Learning to reduce stress levels in day-to-day life can help people with diabetes better manage their disease. Stress busters you might try are: spending quality time with friends and family, relaxing bubble baths or a day at the spa getting a massage.