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  1. Best Breakfast Choices & Recipe Ideas

Best Breakfast Choices & Recipe Ideas

Breakfast Refined

If you eat breakfast regularly, congratulations! You’re likely slimmer than those who don’t. You’re better able to concentrate. You get more of the nutrients required for good health. You set the tone for the next 16 hours and are more likely to make good food choices all day!

The ideal breakfast mixes energizing carbohydrates like whole grain breads, cereals, fruits or vegetables plus quality protein such as eggs, milk products, peanut butter or lean meats. In some parts of the world, fish with rice and vegetables is breakfast. Nice!

To get the biggest bang for your nutritional buck from these 5 typical morning foods:

  1. Cereal: Go with fibre-rich oats, barley or other whole grain. Think “282”. Check the label for less than 2 g fat, less than 8 g sugar and more than 2 g fibre/serving. Balance it by adding fresh fruit, nuts and milk. Or serve in a dessert dish, smaller than a cereal bowl. This leaves room for fruit and yogurt or an egg on the side.
  2. Smoothies: Superbly portable. Don’t just mix fruit and juice. Include protein. Yogurt, soft tofu, peanut butter, milk, soy beverages or protein powders work well. Peanut butter, milk and frozen bananas OR orange juice, yogurt and frozen berries make yummy smoothies. What are your favourite combos? Freeze extras as frozen breakfast treats kids love!
  3. Juice: Ideally boost fibre and choose whole fruit instead. If going liquid, ensure its 100% real, no added sugars.
  4. Eggs: There’s nothing wrong with an egg a day. Just fine-tune the context. One or two eggs scrambled with vegetables served on whole grain toast, great. Two or more eggs fried in butter with bacon, hash browns and white bread isn’t as healthy. To boil an egg: Cover with water, simmer for 10-12 minutes, immerse in cold water. Tap to crack and let sit. This allows steam to escape making it easier to peel!
  5. Muffins: Homemade oatmeal or bran with fruit and nuts are ideal. If grabbing on the go, stick to the size of a tennis ball (save the rest for a snack later). Round it out with 2 more food groups. Perhaps a latte and a banana?

75% of us love coffee in the morning. No prob if we keep it to less than 4 cups a day and don’t consider coffee a complete meal in itself!