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Body Mass Index Guide


To determine your BMI zone, locate the point on the chart where your height and weight intersect. Read the bold number on the dashed line closest to this point to estimate your BMI. For example, if you weigh 69 kg and are 173 cm tall, you have a BMI of approximately 23, which is in Zone B.

You can also calculate your BMI using this formula: BMI= weight(kg) / height (m)²

Zone BMI Health Effects
A < May be associated with health problems for some people
B 20 to 25 Good weight for most people
C 25 to 27 May lead to health problems in some people
D >27 Increased risk of developing health problems such as Obesity, Heart diseases, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and certain Cancers

Source: Health and Welfare Canada. Promoting Healthy Weights: A Discussion Paper. Minister of Supply and Services Canada: Ottawa, Ontario. 1988