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  1. Canned Salmon & Tuna Sandwich - Best Protein Source

Canned Salmon & Tuna Sandwich - Best Protein Source

A Can of Fish

One small can, one BIG serving of nutrition.

Although I advocate for always having an abundant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, keeping a well-stocked pantry is also a key aspect of healthy eating. Canned salmon and tuna are definitely at the top of my list of important canned goods to have ready for action. They’re a very affordable source of lean, quality protein (about 20 grams of protein per half a can – similar to a serving of chicken.) Canned salmon with the bones is also a good source of calcium. If we’re doing what we’re supposed to for good health, fish swims into our meals at least 2 or 3 times each week. A sandwich made of tuna or salmon is an easy way to take care of at least one of those servings. Canned fish is easily turned into tasty seafood patties when combined with egg, onion, relish and breadcrumbs then simply pan-fried. Tuna or salmon can also be served atop a fresh salad or a warm, creamy bed of noodles.

What are your favourite ways to enjoy canned fish? I sometimes make a lemony salmon salad spread with minced green pepper, celery and green onion and serve on crackers. My 6 year-old and his buddies like it as an afterschool snack along with some fresh sliced fruit. Note that both salmon and tuna supply heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. If you’re allergic to or dislike fish, flax seed is a worthwhile source of these healthy fats. You may also want to consider taking an omega-3-6-9 supplement.