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  1. Healthy Christmas Food Suggestions

Healthy Christmas Food Suggestions

It’s the most wonderful (and nutritious) time of the year!

Although not often thought of as the most nutritious time of the year, it’s definitely a contender for the title. Sure, the season is filled with buttery cookies, creamy sauces and decadent drinks. But amidst all the goodies is a fabulous line up of healthy food. Here are my top picks for superstar foods of the season. Make them a regular part of your meal or snack line-up.

  • Mandarin oranges – loaded with flu-fighting vitamin C and hydrating juiciness.
  • Pomegranates – like ruby red jewels, these in-season nutrient-rich seeds add tang and star quality to everything from salads and roasts to desserts and drinks.
  • Cranberries – Mother Nature’s medicine. Enjoy light cranberry sauce as a garnish or alcohol-free cranberry spritzers.
  • Walnuts – full of healthy fats. Toast and shell whole walnuts to slow you down and keep portions wiser.
  • Pecans – right up there with walnuts. Toast and enjoy in salads or crumbled on roasted vegetables.
  • Turkey – lean, top quality protein. Dark meat is slightly higher in fat than white but a better source of iron. Enjoy both.
  • Dark chocolate – Keep portions to an ounce or two and benefit from the antioxidant nutrients without overdoing the saturated fat.
  • Cinnamon – Enjoy this spice on lattes, hot chocolate, roasted pears or warm applesauce.

Like all year, plan to take a moderate approach with the rich treats, but why not make this holiday season the one you focus on what you should eat, as opposed to what you shouldn’t? With this as a goal, there will be less deprivation, less desire to overdo it, far more nourishment and just as much fun.

My best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season!