Crushed candy canes not only add great minty flavour, but they make the perfect garnish on this festive dessert!

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  • Servings: 18

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What you need

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Make It

  • Heat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease 2 (9-inch) round baking pans. Beat first 6 ingredients in large bowl with mixer on low speed just until moistened, stopping frequently to scrape bottom and side of bowl. Beat on medium speed 2 min. Stir in chopped chocolate and 2 Tbsp. crushed candy. Pour into prepared pans.

  • Bake 50 min. to 1 hour or until toothpick inserted in centres comes out clean. Cool in pans on wire racks 10 min. Loosen cakes from sides of pans with spatula or knife. Invert cakes onto racks; gently remove pans. Cool cakes completely.

  • Fill and frost cake with Cool Whip. Sprinkle with remaining crushed candy. Keep refrigerated.

Kraft Kitchen Tips


    Prepare using light sour cream.


    Balance out your food choices throughout the day so you can enjoy a serving of this delicious festive dessert with your family and friends.

Ratings & Reviews



This was execellent, but for some reason they have the baking time way to long. Baking time should be as on the cake package, (30 - 40 mins.)



This recipe got good reviews. I had many people asking for the recipe. So easy to make that my 13 year old niece made this all on her own. I found too that the candycanes ran in the icing and didn't look so good the next day. I'd suggest putting the candycanes on the day you serve the cake.


I felt like a professional cake maker after I made this cake. It looked great and tasted even better.


The cake was very moist, and tasted great. But the candy canes coloured the whipped topping. It wasn't as appealing the next day.



Very moist and delicious! You can substitute the chocolate mix for white too! This is equally delicious.


Fantastic! Every Christmas I have a friends party and this is one of the most memorable recipes I've made...everyone wanted recipe and it was so festive looking


It was good but for all the extras like the candy cane and chocolate pieeces and sour cream I was expecting more. My guests liked it but I was not overly impressed.



I made this cake for dessert for a small group of friends,they loved it easy to make & kept in the fridge for a few days.Next time I will omit the candy cane inside the cake.My cake looked just like your picture.Thanks to Kraft for all the great recipes.


my aunt always had these kraft magazines at her house, and there would always be alot of recepies in them. She made this cake and we would always as her to make it again! it's really delicous! And i'm going to try and make it myself this year :D


This is the best chocolate cake ever! Minus the candy cane pieces!



This was a delcious cake, although I didn't find that it travelled very well; the Dream Whip started to slide off. If I were to do it again I would ice it at my destination.


This is the 3rd year that I've made and everyone loves it!


Yummy and very easy to make.Made it twice in two days for two different holiday parties.


I've made this cake a few times now and it's a huge hit! In fact its been requested for Christmas desert this year again.



Best cake ever!


This cake was a hit in my house, a real Christmas treat. I did notice that the candy cane crumbs were melting, don't know why that happened. What I would like to know is, how did you get the candy cane around the bottom of the cake? I will make this cake again.


I loved this cake, everyone at my christmas party did!!


Very easy recipie and a hit with my husband (who was really worried about me serving this to his dad!) The only thing I would recommend, is to not leave the cake out to long. For some reason, my candie canes started to melt!


This was a big hit when i made it for a friend at works birthday. They all said that the cool whip icing was nice and light and complimented the cake beautifully. Also they said the candy canes made for a subtle minty taste that wasnt over powering. It was delicious i would make it again and again. Perfect for the holidays.


Excellent. Made this cake for Christmas and everybody loved it. It was a little hard to crush the candy canes and to get them to stick on the cool whip but other than that, this cake was great!



I personally don't like chocolate-mint. So instead when I read over the ingrediants I changed the chocolate cake mix to vanilla cake mix. It worked out quite well. And it also helps if you crush up the candy-canes with a meat tenderizer as small as you can!




Awesome!!! I crushed the candy canes as small as I could. I think it made it less crunchy.


I liked it, along with the other kids, but some of the adults (namely my mother) were put off by the 'chunks' in the cake. But I thought that the candy canes gave it a great minty flavour, and the cool whip icing made it nice and light!


I made this cake using 2 heart shaped pans instead of the round pans and had it for desert on Valentine's Day for my husband and I. It was a hit with both of us! The red and white was perfect for the occasion.


The cake was delicious. It was hard to make the candycanes stick to the Cool Whip. Your picture shows the candycanes bigger than what I made them. The recipe calls for "Crushed" candycanes.


It was really awesome!!! One thing I think I did wrong, I tapped the air bubbles out of the cakes before putting in oven, and some of the candy stuck to the bottom of the cake pans.


This cake was very tasty and perfect for christmas. I put the candycane peices on the day before and the red colour leaked into the icing, so next time I would decorate right before I served the cake.


This is a really good cake. I made it twice over Christmas for family get togethers and everyone loved it!


Easy, tasty, light, impressive and I was able to re-create it! I didn't think I would be able to, but it really was easy



In recipe add to the end that cake should be keep cool in the refrigerated as I had problems with my cool whip and candy canes. The candy canes actually started to melt once added to the top of the cake.


This is the best cake I've ever tasted in my entire life...and that's a lot of cake. The whole family went crazy for it. So moist and delicious.


Excellent recipe! The cake took a little longer to bake than directed. I'll definitely make this one again next year - it was a hit!


This is delicious!! I made it for Christmas and my family thought I bought it!


fast,easy and good


Outstanding. Made this for dessert at Christmas dinner and won raves from everyone!


Delicious cake, good as a gift. Used butter cream icing. Had difficulty sprinking crushed candy cane to look like picture.


Very nice light hint of peppermint-everyone enjoyed this one!


Loved the cake (mine didn't look as beautiful as the pic...which was unfortunate because i know the photographer and he took a look at mine) However, i didn't use Cool Whip, i used Whipped Icing which was REALLY good...


the presentation is nice execpt for the melting of the candy cane on the icing, you should specify to add just before serving


VERY YUMMY!!! This cake is so moist and easy! Definately will become a well used recipe! Thanks Kraft!


This cake was truly as amazing to taste as the Kraft photos showed it to be! A huge hit at my party and I passed along the recipe several times already. Word to the wise, the candy canes used to decorate the outside of the cake quickly(within hours even with refrigeration)) melt into the frosting making it look anything but the gorgeous picture displayed by Kraft...don't decorate until you are going to serve it.Not neccesarily that pratical, but if you can live with a bit of melted candy cane mess then do it earlier as the incredible taste of the cake will by far out weigh the look .


I made this cake and it turned out great! I sent it with my husband to take to his pot-luck Christmas lunch at work. Everyone was impressed and they said it tasted great! I used a cookie cutter and lightly placed it on top of the cake after I iced it and sprinked my crushed cane cane within the cookie cutter to give an extra Christmas design. I carefully removed the cutter and was left with a beautiful gingerbread man design on the top of the cake!


Cake tasted great and was easy to make other than crushing the candy canes - that took some determination then I discovered mint flavored candy cane shaped sprinkles at the local Bulk Barn which I will use next time. Only negative is that with Cool Whip as the filling the top layer slides and doesn't stay in place.




I made this cake to take to our choir christmas party, and everyone was going back for seconds. It was absolutely delicious, and there was none left to bring back home.


I made this cake for a dinner party, it was amazing. I would not chinz on this cake tho. No light cool whip, it might separate and it is afterall this icing on the cake. Tis the season to enjoy! We loved it.


At work we celebrate all the birthdays for the month on one day. I made this cake for December's birthdays. Everyone commented that it was better than any store bakery cake we have had in the past!!!!! I made the shape of a candy cane on top...made it a little more fun!!!


AMAZING! It was so delicious that we're fighting for the last few pieces in the fridge. Do not decorate the cake with the candy canes the day before serving it, make sure you do it prior to serving it. The candy dissolve in the whipping cream overnight for me.




this cake is very delicious and easy to make


Made this for a surprise 40th Birthday and everyone loved it. Very easy to make,also good with butter cream icing.


I couldn't stop talking about it at work, the density and flavour of the cake were amazing, I amde it ofr my fiance's birthday and it was a hit, definitely will make it over the holdays, its my new chocolate cake recipe!


my whole family loved this cake it is to DIE for it is sooo great and it looks great to


Great recipe! My only problem is that the candy cane pieces melted a bit into the cool whip.


It was fabulous and extremely easy to make!


Lovely and moist, will be making this for our guests at X-Mas.


I made this for a birthday cake for a coworker. The whole office loved this cake. I will be making if for Christmas Dinner.


This cake truly turned out to be a fantastic cake. Everybody loved it!!!! They just could not get enough of it. I would highly recommend this cake for anybody who love chocolate as much as my friends and I do. It was amazing how quick this cake was eaten after dinner @ the party and left all the others behind..


absolutely amazing.........







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Makes 18 servings, 1 piece (86 g) each.

Nutritional Info

Serving Size 1 piece (86 g)

Total Fat 18g
Saturated Fat 7g
Cholesterol 45mg
Sodium 360mg
Total Carbohydrates 45g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Sugars 28g
Protein 4g
Vitamin A4%
Vitamin C0%

* Nutrition information is estimated based on the ingredients and cooking instructions as described in each recipe and is intended to be used for informational purposes only. Please note that nutrition details may vary based on methods of preparation, origin and freshness of ingredients used.


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