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  1. Introducing Danielle Rose

Introducing Danielle Rose

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Danielle Rose

Introducing Kraft Canada's First Official Food Hacker: Danielle Rose

Posted on September 30, 2014

Kraft Canada has searched high and low for our first official Food Hacker and we’re delighted to announce that Danielle Rose has been appointed as our Canadian innovator who will be leading the charge on food hacking. Throughout this search, Danielle has proven herself to be skilled, ingenious, adventurous, and digitally savvy. Not only did she submit an amazing video of her favourite food hack to enter but went up against other very qualified candidates during our Twitterview to emerge as our winner!

To give you a quick introduction to Danielle, we asked her a couple questions we know you’re all dying to hear!

Kraft Canada — Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Have you always loved cooking and food hacking?

Danielle — A: I have been happily playing around in the kitchen ever since I was a kid and quickly learned that cooking for my family was a powerful way for me to express love. However it wasn't until I started my food blog, Ginger Rose, a few years ago that I really started to take my cooking seriously and my passion for food took over. Through creating recipes for my blog, while juggling school, numerous jobs, and seeing friends and family, I began seeking out clever food hacks that would allow me to quickly, successfully, and creatively get interesting meals on the table.

Kraft Canada — Q: What does being selected as Kraft Canada’s Official Food Hacker mean to you?

Danielle — A: To me it really means getting to inspire a whole new generation of people to cook! Food hacks have an amazing ability to shatter kitchen fears, giving people the tools they need to quickly and successfully create dishes that they can be proud to serve their friends and family. It also means that I get to be inspired and motivated by other food hackers each week as I create new and exciting dishes for people to try!

Kraft Canada — Q: What inspired you to hack food and cooking in general?

Danielle — A: I've been food hacking long before it was even called that, simply because my lifestyle demanded it. When I first began cooking on a daily basis, the only way that I could successfully get a meal on the table in a reasonable amount of time without sacrificing quality was by finding clever, new tips and tricks - aka food hacks. On top of that, I started to appreciate how much more fun and enjoyable cooking and baking can be when armed with helpful and interesting food hacks!

Kraft Canada — Q: What’s your favourite food hack?

Danielle — A: It would have to be the Easy Balsamic Focaccia Bread, hacked using store-bought pizza dough! This is a hack that I've actually been using for years. I love it because of its ease in preparation, as well as having so much room to play! There are so many different great flavour combinations you can use to keep making this dish fresh and interesting over and over again. I love serving this when entertaining guests!

Kraft Canada — Q: We also know there is a big social media presence in this role. Can you give us a bit of information on what social sites you’ll be on?

Danielle — A: Absolutely, you can find me behind the scenes on Twitter @foodhacks and writing blogs here moving forward. I’m also excited to dive into Food Hacks on Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine! I also update my personal blog, This Ginger Rose, on a regular basis.