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Festive Ice Cubes

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Danielle Rose

Festive Ice Cubes

Posted by Danielle Rose on Decmber 1, 2014
Festive Ice Cubes

When entertaining for the holidays, I find that so many people get overwhelmed with creating an impressive holiday table. It seems like people spend so much time when it comes down-to-the-wire on really big tasks, that they forget just how much of an impact little details prepared in advance can have on your overall presentation.

One of my favourite little details that results in a big impact, is hacking regular ice cubes to create festive ones for my guests. By simply adding a little Jell-O Jelly Powder for colour and a hint of flavour, as well as other fun and festive additions such as cranberries, red currents, and/or rosemary, you have a beautiful and striking addition to your holiday drinks (both kid and adult-friendly) that took you next to no time at all. The best part? The ice cubes can be made as far in advance as you like, leaving you calm, cool, and collected when your guests begin to arrive.

I suggest beginning to make your ice cubes several weeks in advance, and keeping the frozen cubes in plastic bags so you can continue to make more batches of ice cubes in the trays up until the big day. I like to use large silicone ice cube molds to make removing the ice cubes easier, not to mention the large size of the cubes makes them all the more striking! Silicone ice cube trays can be found at most kitchen supply stores and department stores.

Get These

  • Enough water to fill an ice cube tray (approximately 2 cups)
  • Garnishes of your choice such as cranberries, red currents, and/or rosemary
  • A pinch of Jell-O Jelly Powder (any flavour you like!)

Do This

  1. Boil water.
  2. Place your garnishes within each slot of the ice cube tray.
  3. Mix a pinch of the Jell-O Jelly Powder with the water.
  4. Pour the water mixture into the ice cube tray to fill. Allow to sit in the freezer for a few hours to completely freeze.
  5. Serve with holiday punch!


Festive Ice Cubes