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  1. No Mess Corn Black Bean Salad

No Mess Corn Black Bean Salad

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Danielle Rose

One Year Later

Posted by Danielle Rose on September 14, 2015
One Year Later

1 year, 34 recipes, 34 blogs, 686 tweets. Has it really already been one year of Kraft Food Hacks?! Where has the time gone? I guess time flies when you’re eating great food!

A year ago I was handed exactly the type of opportunity I had been dreaming of. After months of competing to become Kraft Canada’s Official Food Hacker, I had finally earned the title after participating in video submissions, Twitter parties, live interviews, phone interviews, and quite frankly a lot of soul searching on my part. It was a long road to get there, but I knew I had an even longer one ahead as I embarked on the challenge of taking on my own blog for Kraft Food Hacks, and was given the responsibility to deliver engaging and exciting Food Hacks content to Canadians every day. As much as the task may have seemed daunting at first, I knew that it would be an absolute blast, knowing that I would get to sink my teeth into something that I had so much passion for.

With one year of Kraft Food Hacks under my belt, I can honestly say that this has been one of the best experiences of my life! Getting to wake up each day with the motivation and drive to work on something that I love has been incredible. I feel so proud of the recipes I created and the challenges that I conquered, and can’t help but smile when I think back on some of my favourite dishes that I got to share with you, my favourites being the Grilled Banana Split, Waffled Napoleons, and Asian Sesame Salad in Wonton Cups! More than that, getting to work first-hand and collaborate with the incredibly talented and driven Kraft Canada team has been such an enlightening and educational experience. What surprised me the most out of this venture was how much I would come to appreciate the relationships that I built on Twitter with the @FoodHacks followers. Our followers were so generous with their advice, tips, and tricks of their own as well as sharing their enthusiasm for my Food Hacks and recipes. To those followers I say, thank you!

It’s hard to say goodbye after such a fantastic feat, but I choose to say “see you later!” I hope that our dedicated followers and fans will continue to share their expertise and personal experiences on Twitter by following the @KraftCanada Twitter account and keep the conversation going! There are so many more great recipes to come from, and I can’t wait for you to try them!

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