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Plan a Cookie Exchange

Here's how a Cookie Exchange works:

  • Invite a group, about 6 to 10 friends, to come to your home for a Cookie Exchange Party. Make sure they RSVP
  • Have them pre-bake a dozen cookies for each guest attending plus an extra dozen to taste. Ensure there is no duplication to guarantee the best variety. Choose from our great Cookie Recipes.
  • Have your guests bring large containers for their cookie bonanza

Hosting Tips:

  • Bake your cookies ahead of time and store them in airtight containers or freeze them.
  • Decorate your house two or three days before the party.
  • Spend a few minutes decorating and preparing an area to display the cookies.
  • Have platters ready for cookies brought for sampling.
  • Choose holiday music ahead of time and have it playing when your guests arrive.
  • Clean your house the day before the party so that on the day of the exchange, you can just tidy and turn on the Christmas carols and lights.
  • Have printed recipes of each cookie available for guests.
  • Have large resealable plastic bags available for those who forget their storage containers.
  • Have a section of delicious quick and easy appetizers to serve your guests.
  • Have a selection of sparkling water, fruit juices or other refreshing beverages to enjoy while you taste your cookies.
  • While you celebrate the Holiday Season, remember the less fortunate. Make a note on your invitation and have each guest bring a designated food item and donate a Christmas Basket to charity.

And if you’re sending them to loved ones far away, make sure to check out our tips on how to pack and send cookies.

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