Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tips

There’s no great secret to pumpkin carving. With a few simple preparations and the right tools, you can create fantastic faces with a range of scowling, howling expressions. And when you’re done, don’t forget to save the seeds for a delicious, nutritious snack.

Ready-to-go Carving Stencils

Looking for inspiration when it comes to carving your jack-o-lanterns? Use these stencils to get a head start – simply click on the name of a stencil to print, and follow the instructions in our carving guide below.

Batty Bat Wing Print 

Googley Eyes Print 

Happy Howler Print 

Evil Eyebrows Print 

Spooky Skeleton Print 

Scary Scowler Print 

Creative Carving

  • Choose a pumpkin that best suits the face you intend to carve into it - tall and skinny for a scary Frankenstein, short and fat for a friendly fellow. Remember: there's no need to find a flawless pumpkin. Bumps, growths and discolouration can make great noses, warts and freckles.
  • Don't overlook gourds, squash and even watermelon. They can also make fun jack-o'-lanterns, and you can create a whole family using different types.
  • Cut a large round piece out of the bottom of the pumpkin instead of at the stem, so it sits evenly and can easily be set over a candle.
  • To make your pumpkin last, wash the insides with a mild bleach solution (to slow decay) and coat the cut edges with petroleum jelly.
  • Don't forget to save the seeds for a yummy roasted snack.