Enjoy two dessert favourites at once with this delicious twist on cheesecake.

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  • Servings: 16 servings, 1 piece (89 g) each

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Make It

  • Heat oven to 350°F.

  • Mix cookie crumbs, nuts and butter; press onto bottom of 9-inch springform pan.

  • Beat cream cheese, 1/2 cup sugar and vanilla with mixer until blended. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating after each just until blended. Remove 1 cup plain batter. Stir remaining sugar, pumpkin and spices into remaining batter.

  • Spoon half the pumpkin batter into crust; top with spoonfuls of half the plain batter. Repeat layers; swirl gently with knife.

  • Bake 45 min. or until centre is almost set. Cool completely. Refrigerate 4 hours.

Kraft Kitchen Tips


    Sweets can add enjoyment to a balanced diet, but remember to keep tabs on portions.


    Check cheesecake doneness by gently shaking the pan. If the cheesecake is done, it will be set except for a small area in the centre that will be soft and jiggly. Do not insert a knife into the centre as this may cause the cheesecake to crack during cooling.


    Line 13x9-inch pan with foil, with ends of foil extending over sides. Prepare cheesecake batters, spoon into prepared pan and swirl as directed. Bake in 350°F oven 45 min. or until centre is almost set. Cool completely. Refrigerate 4 hours. Use foil handles to lift cheesecake from pan before cutting to serve.

Ratings & Reviews



A huge hit with the family! Absolutely delicious!


I would not use that much butter in the crust. It leaked out onto the bottom of the oven and smoked the whole time I was baking the cheese cake. That said, the cake itself was awesome and I would try it again.


Made this for work and had rave reviews from all my co-workers. They all said it was very smooth and creamy. Loved that it wasn't too pumkiney tasting.



Fantastic recipe. So easy, so pretty and very delicious! Made this for Thanksgiving and it's gone. I got 8 thumbs up for this one. :)


this was great and easy to make, this was my first time making cheesecake and the top of it cracked 1 inch in from the edge. can anyone tell me what i did wrong?


Absolutely yummy! An annual Thanksgiving delight.


This is a family favorite! I make it for my brother every year! So simple too


All I can say it was absolutely amazing.


Amazing recipe! For the last three years, everyone at my Thanksgiving table looks forward to this one!


The absolute best cheesecake ever! Very easy to make and it almost never cracks! Love it!


My favourite cheesecake EVER! I ate almost the whole thing by myself!!!



Really easy and super yummy. Got great reviews. My swirls turned out fine. I also used gramham cracker crumbs instead of the peek freans.




Make this at least 3 times a year...and I don't even like pumpkin, but love this one!




This was delicious! It's nice and light too, which I think is a bonus in cheesecake.


I made this for Thanksgiving. It was a huge hit and absolutely delicious!! The ginger crisps are a great touch for the crust and a nice compliment to the pumpkin cheesecake.


It was OK but I wasn't crazy about the crust.


To do the swirls I did NOT layer the batter as directed. I poured in ALL of the pumpkin batter, then scattered the plain batter around on top of it. I drew a knife lightly through the scattered batter til the swirls were nice and pretty! Much easier than layering the batter.


Delicious! Instead of using the Ginger Crisps, I used a basic graham crumb crust and added cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, which turned out fantastic! I also added mace and ginger to the batter. Another "make again" dish!


So yummy! I made one for Thanksgiving dinner which was gone in minutes. I made another for my parents, and they ate the whole thing in one weekend! My only problem was that the swirls did not show up like in the picture, but it was fantastic nonetheless!


Fantastic! I didn't have Peak Freens, so I used generic ginger snaps. Mu only problem was getting the swirl to look like the picture, but mine still had swirl. Friends who tried it kept asking for another slice. It surely will be on the top of my list of Thanksgiving preparations.


Made for pot luck at work. Everybody raved and asked for the recipe. Only problem I had was getting the swirls to show up like in the picture. A nice light pumpkin flavored cheesecake.


My family loved this cheese cake. They keep asking me when I am going to make ie again. It was so easy and Very Yummy!


This cheesecake was amazing. Made it for thanksgiving and got great reviews and compliments. Easy to make and even I enjoyed it and I don't even like pumpkin!


I just love this recipe it is simple and delicious, my guests just raved about it. A wonderful alternative to pumpkin pie. Great for any occasion


This is an AWESOME alternative to the regular pumpkin pie during thanksgiving. I love it so much especially the crust!


Made this for Thanksgiving and every one really liked it. My pan was a little deeper so took longer to cook but turned out excellant. Quite rich I thought but no left overs.


excellent!!! served it for thanksgiving and everyone (all picky eaters) loved it. I did however switch the cloves with allspice...


Ive made this recipe MANY times and it is always a favorite! I substitute the cloves and nutmeg for pumpkin pie spice, and use a graham cracker crust!




Attempted this recipe for a Thanksgiving function at work and before I knew it the cheesecake had completely disappeared. Love that it is tasty, very easy to make and isn't overkill on the pumpkin.



My 10yr old daughter, who is just learning to cook, decided to make this recipe for her aunt's bday. It turned out great! The recipe was clear and easy to follow (my daughter wouldn't let me help her so that should be an indication of just how easy it really is) and the results were incredible! Everybody enjoyed this one!


This was a fantastic recipe. I am still working out how to get the perfect swirl but it tastes great. Even if you're not a fan of pumpkin, the taste isn't overwhelming. Everyone who has tried it loves it!


A little time consuming but worth it. Best cheesecake I've ever made, by far.


Absolutely delicious! My husband is a huge fan of pumpkin anything (especially pie) so I made this for his birthday and it was awesome! I couldn't find the ginger crisps so I used graham cracker crumbs (enough to cover the bottom 1/4" or so thick) with 1/4 tsp ginger mixed with the pecans and butter. It's easier to mix the base in the springform pan - less dishes! I also baked the base for 10 min at 350F so it set and didn't crumble when I tried to cut it. Will definitely make it again! Makes quite an impression for such an easy recipe.


My contribution to Christmas dinner was dessert this year. I made this cheesecake and it was a huge hit. So easy to make and looks pretty with swirl design in it. I added pumpkin pie spice to some Cool Whip and added a dollop to each slice...AWESOME!!!! I can always count on Kraft.


This was delicious!! Have made now for two dinner party's, and was a hit!


This was so good and easy to make.


If I could I would give it 10 stars.


Made this for Thanksgiving dinner! It was an absolute hit! Not a piece leftover!!


Absolutely delicious! I am not a lover of Pumpkin Pie but this cheesecake is awesome! Made it for Thanksgiving Dinner & everyone loved it! Shall definitely make it again.


Delicious! Easy to make and got lots of compliments!


hi i did make the cheesecake it was great but my mom is vegetarian so i didn't use the egg instead i use sour cream but what is the best substitute for the egg and how much does one egg would equal to


I accidentally used cinnamon snaps instead of ginger crisps...EVERYONE LOVED IT!!


I have never made any cheesecake before, but I found this to be simple and delicious! Everyone in my family raved over it.


Awesome and pretty easy too! will definitely make again


This is another Kraft hit. I have made this a few times and it is always a hit with my family and friends. Awesome recipe a must try if you are thinking of making it I strongly suggest you do. Your gonna love it!!




Christmas 2008 - a fairly simple yet tasty cheesecake recipe that captures the flavours of the season. A real hit at our family Christmas dinner.



I have made this cheesecake many times, it is so yummy. However, removing 1 cup of the plain batter to create the "marble effect" is way too much, a 1/4 cup is all you need. Thanks for yet another great recipe :)


This is, hands down the best cheesecake I've ever had. It is so easy to make, and it tastes amazing. Even fussy eaters will love this cheesecake, I promise!


Love the ginger crisps for the crust. Easy to make, it's always a favorite at Christmas time.



This cheesecake is awesome! I've made it twice so far and it's just delicious. The first time, the cake cracked while baking so the second time, I followed the tips from the show to avoid them. It did not crack while baking but it cracked while cooling down. Our kitchen is pretty cool so the next time I am going to try to put it in a warmer spot until it cools completely. I also took out 1/2 cup of the batter instead of 1 cup and it made a better marble affect...


I made it exactly like it says. It was excellent. However, I garnished it with a cranberry compote on the plate and drizzled a white chocolate ganache over the top. They loved it and want me to make it all the time.


This cheesecake is delicious & easy to make. I made it for dessert at Thanksgiving & everyone loved it. My boyfriend has already requested it Christmas & likes it better than the traditional pumpkin pie. The springform pan set I have includes an 8.5" not 9" pan so next time will reserve less batter so it will swirl better.




very yummy and not hard to make at all.


i made this cheesecake for thanksgiving! it was amazing i did change the crust around a little. i used cinimon crisps and grahm crackers! it worked just as good. i had so many compliments! i would make this recipe again!


I made this cheeseckae of course for Thanksgiving! I used half Ginger Crisps & half Graham Cracker Crumbs along with the pecans. I found this cheesecake was better served at almost room temp. rather then straight from the fridge. Great recipe easy and would make it again!


My first cheesecake, and it came out AMAZING! Instructions were easy to follow, and the cheesecake was just delicious. A great pumpkin treat even for those (like me) who don't really care for pumpkin pie.


Very...very good.. The whole family loved it


WOW - I looked like a dessert superstar when I dished out the cheesecake last night. Everyone raved! This is a keeper.


My sister makes this for Thanksgiving every year now, and there are never leftovers! Even people who don't enjoy pumpkin pie like this cheesecake, because of its mellower pumpkin flavour and texture. We all love it!


I made this dessert with my sister-in-law, what a hit. We didn't have the Ginger Crisps so we used Graham Crumbs instead. We also used Light Cream Cheese. Everyone loved it and it was quite a conversation topic. Thanks


It was easy to make and turned out! Wow.. Its hard to tell when done baking though..Whole family loved it!!!!!!!


I had this at my friend's dinner last evening and it was excellent. Came here to get the recipe so that I could make it myself.


For those of you who have a couple family dinners to go to, you can use the same recipe to make 2 cheesecakes. Make the same amount of cheesecake filling, double up on the crust ingredients and divide in half, then make two cheesecakes in two 9" pie pans.



Everyone just loved this cheesecake!!!



This is the best pumpkin cheesecake ever. People who do not like pumpkin pie love this cheesecake.


I made this one year for Thanksgiving, and now my family asks for it year after year! Its great,and I,myself have never enjoyed pumpkin pie. This year will be year # 4 that I have brought Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake, and it doesnt seem to go out of style! Thanks Kraft!


We had drop in company and luckily I had made the cheesecake the day before. One of our guests was an accomplished chef. I was very nervous about serving someting I hadn't tried before but found out I didn't need to as I received raves for this recipe.


Made this for dessert for Christmas dinner and everyone loved it! It is so easy to make. I will be sure to make this again. I think it is a new family favourite!


Have made this several times, for different events/potlucks, and always turns out excellent! Always gets rave reviews from everyone. It'll always be a favorite of mine, and gets requested a lot.


top burnt and the middle still wasn't fully cooked. but very good.


Delicious. I made this for a friend's birthday and we all totally enjoyed it and I don't like pumpkin pie!! It was easy to make and will definitely find a place of honour in my recipe box!!



This is the 2nd thanksgiving that I have prepared this recipe - my brother, who does not like traditional pumpkin pie, gobbled this up no problem! Oh, by the way, I added a few dried cranberries to the batter - provided for a "tart" reprieve to the sweetness. I also find that I don't get the swirl pattern to "stand out" with putting aside 1 cup of the batter, so next year need to make a note to reduce that to 1/2 cup, and see if this is better.


I made this for my family's thanksgiving dinner. It was very easy to make and I even received comments that it looked very professional. I presonal found it a little on the dry side, but everyone else raved about it! I guess we are our own worst critics. Would make again!


ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. Made this for Thanksgiving Dinner and even those who don't normally like cheesecake thought it was wonderful. Thanks once again Kraft for a great recipe.


YUMMY!!! This cheesecake is rich and oh so creamy. It was a hit with everyone who tried it not only once but twice! A must try dessert.


My daughters made this for our Thanksgiving dinner dessert. Everyone loved it, and I will be sure to be making it again. Very good.



I made this last year for Thanksgiving and it was so good I made it again 2 weeks later. Gave the recipe to several friends and now I'm making it again. A big hit with the whole family!!!


I made this for our annual Pumpkin Toss and everyone loved it. I have been asked to take it to 2 Thanksgiving dinners this year. So yummy even when I forgot the pecans.


It was great. Even the child who said he didn't like cheesecake ate a huge piece. I did think the crust was too sweet so I will change it next time.


This was a HUGE hit at my family's thanksgiving dinner! And it was so easy to create. I'll be making this every year.


Made this for a dinner party and everyone absolutely loved it. I got so many compliments and everyone couldn't believe it was a home made dessert.


It taste very yummy! Everyone loves it!





Fabulous! I took this to our family's Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was amazed that it was homemade -- they thought it had come from a bakery. It disappeared long before the pumpkin pies!



This cheesecake was a BIG hit at Christmas Dinner! Even those who "claimed" to not like pumkin enjoyed it - I added a dollop of whipped cream on top with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar - I'd definately make it again!!



This is just a beautiful cheesecake. Loved it!


This is a definite make-again.... although the top cracked after taking it out of the oven Delicious.


this cake is incredible. I made it for thanksgiving and everyone loved it. I made it again two weeks later.. it is that good. I'll probably make it for Christmas..Thanks.


Although I am not a big taste lover of pumpkin, I have to admit this recipe was very good and not too sweet. Was a big hit with all my family - they are huge pumpkin taste lovers. Very easy as well.


I couldn't believe how everyone raved about this cheesecake. My family are cheesecakeaholics and this is by FAR the one they love the most. It is a really simple, easy recipe to make and it really WOWS any crowd! I make it in a slightly smaller spring form pan I think it is better when it is a bit taller



Awesome recipe...Made it for a dinner at a friends and even the people that didn't like pumpkin asked for a piece after they had a bite...Will definately make again...


Great recipe. Very easy to make and was a big hit at my dinner party.


I usually HATE anything with pumpkin in it but I made this and loved the taste. The pumpkin wasn't over powering and the cheescake didn't last long, not that they ever do


brought it for dessert for Thanksgiving, it was a hit, people disappointed there were no seconds available.


WOW. I made this for Thanksgiving and it was the first gone. Super easy and delicious.


I took this cheesecake along with my usual pumpkin pies to thanksgiving dinner and the pies were left nearly touched and all were asking if this could be a new tradition at family dinners!!! Very good.


I made this for Thanksgiving - it was absolutely delicious. My adult kids said it was the best dessert that I'd ever made. Have passed the recipe along to many people. Thank you so much.


Very easy to make and was a hit with my kids and extended family. The pumpkin is a great twist on a cheescake!


Easy to make and super delicious. Made it and it was an instant success and i've been asked for the recipe.






Amazing! The best of both pumpkin pie and chessecake. Will definately become a regular treat!


I'm a far better cook than a baker, but I like to challenge myself at special times of the year. I made this for thanksgiving and everybody raved about it. They couldn't beleive I actually made it.The bonus was it looked just like your picture.


I made this cheesecake for a late thanksgiving dinner and my grandson,and all thought it was wonderful, I plan on making it for our Pot-luck supper in November and then for Christmas dinner, keep up the good receipes, I enjoy receiving What's cooking so much. Thank you


A fine example of original flavours and a fall twist in keeping with the season. Wonderful!!


Awesome cheesecake!!!!


Made this cake for Thanksgiving and it was delicious! Rave reviews from the whole family! An instant classic!


was very good; easy to make it; I recomended to my frieds and they did like it also




Made this for Thanksgiving, it was a big hit. Great recipe. Thanks.


I made this cheesecake for Thanksgiving. My family members raved about how good it tasted and my father, who tends to stay away from sugar, enjoyed his piece of cheesecake.


This is as wonderful and easy to make as it is to eat!! It was a wonderful finale to the end of a get together meal. Will this freeze well? l really hope so



Sooooooo good!!!!!



i made this for thanksgiving dessert and it was great! Very easy.


This was very quick and easy to make. I divided the recipe and made half as indvivual size and the other half, I just made in a 9" pie plate. I served it Thanksgiving Day and everyone raved about it. The ginger crust was a nice, different taste


First time ever to make a cheesecake... what a nice surprise... it was easy with little prep. time and everyone loved it on Thanksgiving Day!


My grand-daughter[16]made this Cheesecake for her parents Anniversary. First time cook, she found the recipe very easy to follow, very proud of the results and parents comments, Absolutely delicious ! Dad had 'seconds' and he doesn't like Cheesecake !!!


Excellent tasting and went over very well at Thanksgiving..would definately make this again.


Amazing! All the flavours blend so well together. It's a crowd pleaser and I would definately eat it again as well and make it myself.


Maid this for my own Thanksgiving dinner. I was ask by my guest if I had it pat tend. I also made it in the 9 by 13 to take to the hospital when I visited my sister the care givers just raved. They never thought you could make pumpkin cheesecake.


Excellent cheesecake! The ginger crust is what really makes it.


very delicious, have always made plain cheescake and was delighted that I tried your recipe, the only thing I did different was add a sourcream topping and baked an additional 10 min.


This was the highpoint of our Thanksgiving Dinner; and probably one of the most successful cheesecakes I have ever made.Pumpkin Cheesecake is a rare treat that you cannot find just anywhere


Excellent. I made it for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it.


This is a delicious cheesecake.I will be making it again.



It was delicious and all my guests loved it!!


Easy to make and absolutely divine!!


I enjoyed this recipe at the home of a friend on Thanksgiving and because I enjoyed it so much I will also be making it.


Family loved the cheesecake recipe and was great competition to traditional pumpkin pies.


I made this for Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious!! I made it with a regular graham cracker crust and it was a hit with the whole family. Cheesecake and pumpkin pie all in one dessert...can't get any better than that!



It was excellent. Will make again.


This cheese cake was the best... I am in love with it


This recipe is a definate change from plain pumpkin pie...what a hit! And as far as cheesecake goes easy to make!


I made this dessert for Thanksgiving and it was a big hit! Not only was it easy to make, but it turned out beautifully and tasted great. I had to substitute the cookies for another brand (sorry) since the store had sold out of Peek Freans, but it turned out wonderfully.


Enjoyed it very much at our family Thanksgiving Dinner and also made one for our church Thanksgiving Dinner. Everyone loved it.


Very easy to make and even the guests that don't like pumpkin fell in love with this cheesecake. I'm making it again right now just because I love it sooooooooo much.


My family loved it and it was very easy to prepare.


This an absolute show stopper. I made this last year for a halloween party and instead of normal graham crackers I used chocolate grahmam crackers for the base and put plastic spiders on top. I know the combination seems weird but it's so good


This was the hit of thanksgiving this year. Looked realy fussy but extremely to make. The ginger cookie crust is always a nice change from regular graham crust. The pumpkin and the ginger together were yummy!


I used a sprinform pan it turned out awesome. The whole family ate it for thanksgiving dessert. Even the 2 people who don't like pumkin pie had it and liked it.


My family ate this cheesecake so fast; I hardly even remember placing it on the table. It is definitely a cake that will be made again.


I served this to my in-laws for dessert on Thanksgiving. Everyone agreed this cheesecake was far better than pumpkin pie!


very sweet after a big meal


This cheesecake was awesome! We had it at Thanksgiving and plan on making it every year now.


I only have one word to describe this desert and it is awesome!!!! Believe it or not this is the first cheesecake that I have ever made and it will definitely be a regular one in my house!!!


Tasted as great as everyone says. Be careful to watch it, as the top of my cake got blotches from uneven heat in my oven. It ruined the presentation, but created a carmelized texture and taste that went over well


This was a hit this thanksgiving weekend. Everyone LOVED it. The ginersnap cookies compliments the pumpkin filing so much. It is a desser that I will for sure make at every occassion.



I made this for Thanksgiving dinner and it was a HIT!! It is the first cheesecake that I had ever made and was told that I have to bring it to ever family get together! I was also told it tasted like it was made at an exclusive bakery.


Excellent! My friends' asked for the recipe! A great ending to Thanksgiving dinner.


Add some Cool whip and this cheesecake is better then pumpkin pie. What a hit and oh so yummy!!


This recipe was easy to make and everyone loved it!


This was great. My family loved this for Thanksgiving. Add some whip cream and it belts in your mouth. Mmmmmmmmmm


I made this for Thanksgiving dessert and it was a hit! It was the first cheesecake I ever made, it was simple and everyone loved it. I just made my own little twist of using individual sized springform pans, then placing them on the plate and garnishing with caramel sauce and crushed pecans!


We had this for our Thanksgiving Dinner desert yesterday. It was a hit with the family!


Love the recipe I added the Skor toffee bits to the pumpkin batter and it gave a nice toffee flavour to the great cheesecake.It has became a must for our thanksgiving


Wow! My family loved it, I am not a pro-chef, so it took some convincing that I actually made this delicious dessert! They were impressed big-time!!!


This cheesecake was delicious and very easy to make. I highly recommend it!


I made this for my first thanksgiving with my new family, and they all agreed that it was the best cheescake that they have ever had! It was light, fluffy and flavourful. Thanks for making dessert a hit! The swirl pattern was very easy to make, so not only did it taste good, but it looked nice too!



Huge hit! Kids and adults loved it. Instead of making mooncakes, I used this recipe as a 'moon shaped dessert' for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. I created a silouette template for the 'Jade Hare' and used the reserve cheesecake to create the hare's shadow instead of doing the swirl. Next year I'll attempt the shadow of Chang O. Thank you for the great recipe!



This cheesecake was a hit!!! It will be a regular in our house!


This was very easy to make and was agreat looking addition to the table after a perfect night with family



super duper


This was the first time I made this cheesecake and it was for our familiy Thanksgiving dinner. It was really easy to made and because it had a light pumpkin flavour, it went over well with everyone. I plan to make it a yearly dessert.


This was a huge hit at our Thanksgiving Dinner. The recipe was easy to follow and was quick to put together. It will definitely be a favourite that will be used every year.


This recipe for pumpkin cheese cake is the greatest.Everyone just loves it!!! I will make this recipe again.It is uummm goood!!


My girlfriend made this for me when I went to visit her a couple of weeks ago. I could have eaten the whole thing myself. I LOVE the gingersnap crust.....so much better than than the graham crackers. Yum!


It was nice and light with just enough flavor from the pumpkin and the crust was great!


I made it for a big gathering of my husbands work mates and their wives. Everyone loved it. I used the light cream cheese and it was decadent!!


Boy! was this easy to make and Boy! was this delicious.I made this for a ladies card party last night and they just raved about it. I garnished it with whipped cream and candy pumpkins.Can't go wrong with this one. Thankyou!


I have made this several times. It has become a thanksgiving favorite! The gingersnap really enhances the flavour of the pumpkin. It is reliable,looks great and always tastes wonderful.


This was my first time making a cheesecake from scratch and it was very easy. The only issue I had was the mix was almost overflowing from my 9inch round springform pan. I also followed the instructions but the top of my cake got a bit brown, but still tasted great. Was a big hit.


This is fantastic. I love pumpkin pie but this could become a favourite.


A treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds! Easy to make and it looked just like the picture in the magazine. Moist and delicious with the taste of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves...truly a taste of fall.


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16 servings, 1 piece (89 g) each

Nutritional Info

Serving Size 1 slice (89 g)

Total Fat 21g
Saturated Fat 12g
Cholesterol 100mg
Sodium 260mg
Total Carbohydrates 22g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Sugars 16g
Protein 6g
Vitamin A40%
Vitamin C2%

* Nutrition information is estimated based on the ingredients and cooking instructions as described in each recipe and is intended to be used for informational purposes only. Please note that nutrition details may vary based on methods of preparation, origin and freshness of ingredients used.


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