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About Kraft Ka Khana

Welcome to Kraft Ka Khana

The meal ideas in here come from my own experiences as a new Canadian.

It used to be so challenging, satisfying my family's diverse tastes. The grown-ups kept insisting on traditional khana; my sons loved Canadian food. Blending "East" with "West" was a real thrill, especially when they asked for more.

As your Kraft Kitchens Expert, I enjoy developing recipes that combine traditional flavours with time-saving Kraft products. I'm sure you will enjoy them too.

Smita is our South Asian Kraft Kitchens Expert, renowned for combining traditional Indian cooking with the Western kitchen and today's busy lifestyle.

Smita is a published author of cookbooks, a high-demand cooking instructor and food writer.

Recipes featured on were created in the Kraft Kitchens by Smita.

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