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Overnight Spa Party

7 Great Ways to Decorate

  1. Place cucumber or lemon-flavoured water in jugs on the refreshment table.
  2. Hang mosquito netting or sheets over spa stations for the sense of an exotic spa-getaway.
  3. Have adult helpers dress in uniforms, such as black pants and T-shirts with a white esthetician coat (or a large white shirt) overtop.
  4. Display fresh flowers for a grown-up spa look.
  5. Ensure the main party room has lots of floor cushions and blankets for lounging.
  6. Leave out magazines and books for girls to read in-between “treatments.”
  7. Light fragrant candles and put out bowls of potpourri.
    safety note: place candles in a safe location and always have an adult in the room while they're lit.

tip: recruit a few helper “estheticians” (other moms or a couple of your friends) for the evening to assist you in the fun and games.

Fun For All

  • Have girls change into their pyjamas, slippers and robe as soon as they arrive.
  • Play Magnificent Manicures. Arrange different colours of nail polish in a circle on a table. Put an orange stick (from a manicure set) in the middle and have each girl spin it. Whatever colour it points to is the colour the girl will wear.
  • Do a Make-Up Relay. Have two adult “models” (you and one of your girlfriends) sit on chairs and get made-over. Divide girls into two teams. Put make-up (blush, lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, sparkly gloss, etc.) in a bag. Set a timer for 8 minutes. One girl from each team races up, picks (no peaking!) a cosmetic from the bag and applies it to the model. When she’s finished, the next in line races up. Giggles and funny faces are guaranteed!
  • Spa stations. Adult helpers give girls spa treatments at stations in party room, such as facials complete with cucumber slices on eyes, pedicures, manicures and hand massages.
  • Treasure Hunt. Hide cosmetic products (including travel-size shampoos, moisturizers and fragrant soap) around the house. Give each girl a different list of certain hidden cosmetics (so everyone gets the same amount) and send them on a hunt.
  • Rent a karaoke machine for lots of laughs and have some funny movies on-hand for the end of the evening.

Fab Favours

  • nail polish
  • nail file
  • flavoured lip gloss
  • inexpensive slippers or flip flops
  • travel-size body creams, face-masks, moisturizers, fragrant soap
  • candy bracelet and necklace
  • small cosmetic bag

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