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  1. 3 Places For An Awesome Winter Meal

3 Places For An Awesome Winter Meal

Comforting places to escape the cold

January is one of the coldest months of the year. It often conjures up the urge in us to bundle up in warm blankets and stay there until spring! While you are waiting for the weather to warm up, the research team has a few places to suggest where you can go and get a good meal, a warm cup of tea, or a nice little glass of wine!

The Red Tea Box, Toronto: This is a great little place to enjoy a warm cup of tea on a cold day. There’s an amazing selection of teas that you can choose from to either bring home or try on location.

Crave Cupcakes, Calgary: There’s nothing better than satisfying a sweet tooth, especially when it’s cold and windy outside. If you’re craving cookies and cupcakes (and if you’re in the Calgary area), stop by Crave Cupcakes ( They’ve got lots of cupcakes, cookies and even cakes to choose from. Try their signature cupcake, the “Crave-o-Licious”, chocolate cake swirled with blue vanilla butter cream icing sprinkled with shaved chocolate.

Bistrot Bistro, Vancouver: For a hearty, warm meal, why not opt for some French cuisine? Bistrot Bistro in Vancouver offers a classic French meal with a contemporary twist. Perfect for a fancy dinner during a snowstorm…

What about you? What’s your favourite cozy location to head to in the winter?