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  1. 5 Best Thirst Quenchers on a Hot Summer Day

5 Best Thirst Quenchers on a Hot Summer Day

5 thirst quenchers for the last hot days of summer

Technically, it’s still summer until September 21st. Many of us hope it lasts even longer. Staying well hydrated is important all year long, but especially if the warm weather continues into the late summer. Five of my favourite thirst quenchers for this time of year include:

  1. Fruit spritzers. Make by pureeing in-season very ripe fruit such as blackberries, peaches or pears and add to club soda or fizzy water.
  2. Chocolate milk. Served iced cold it’s very refreshing. It’s even recommended as a post-exercise rehydrator as it not only provides fluid but a little protein and carbohydrate along with electrolytes, minerals lost in sweat.
  3. Ice cold water. Jazz it up by serving in brightly-coloured glasses, using fun straws or adding sugar-free drink crystals. Don’t forget to garnish with a lemon, lime or orange slice.
  4. Iced tea. Make your own from real tea. Freeze some in ice cube trays and add to the glass so the tea is not diluted as the cubes melt.
  5. Homemade iced coffees. Yes, if you make your own and go easy on sugar, cream, whipping cream or other high-calorie add-ins often used by coffee shops, they don’t have to be a nutritional write-off. I make double-strength coffee and stir into cold milk for an iced latte. Ice cubes made of coffee keeps the drink from getting watered down.

Proper hydration achieves many health goals including everything from preventing overheating, headaches and fatigue to assisting in kidney function and blood pressure control. Unfortunately sugary beverages like soda pop, most fruit drinks and alcohol, popular summer drink choices, do not promote good hydration. On these remaining summer days, quench thirst with great-tasting drinks that are also great for you. Keep me posted on your favourite healthy drink choices. I always enjoy hearing from you.