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  1. Beef Paprikash, A Winter Delight!

Beef Paprikash, A Winter Delight!

Paprika and beef, a marriage made in heaven

Have you ever tried seasoning beef with paprika? A couple days ago on what’s cooking there was a really good, reduced-salt, recipe for Beef Paprikash. Its origins come from the traditional Hungarian dish called goulash. Goulash literally means the herdsman’s meat”.

In Hungary, goulash is a thick soup with a meat base.   Elsewhere, goulash is a stew made of beef, peppers, onions and potatoes, slowly cooked in a tomato sauce and seasoned with mild or spicy paprika. Due to the pronounced presence of the spice, the dish has an easily recognizable reddish colour. Generally the whole thing is prepared in a large cooking pot or a Dutch oven.

Goulash is one of those meals that was originally concocted by peasants but made its way into bourgeois cuisine during the 19th century.

And it goes without saying that pairing beef and paprika together makes an ideal dish for cold winter days!

What about you? Is paprika a spice that you like to incorporate into your winter recipes?