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  1. Delicious Cold Soup Recipe For A Hot Summer Day

Delicious Cold Soup Recipe For A Hot Summer Day

A delicious soup… for summer?!

The idea of eating soup in the summer is surely not the first thing that comes to mind. Unless of course we’re talking about cold soup. On top of being full of flavour, cold soup is also chock-full of goodness and above all, when it’s served it always makes an impression. The research team has come up with four cold soup suggestions for you. The following soups are ideal for serving during a heat wave ….

- A radish and cucumber cold soup, flavoured with ginger. Add some vegetable soup broth, a little tamari sauce, rice vinegar and red onion. An Asian style soup with a vegetarian flavour made with in-season veggies. To be served with a dollop of yogourt.

- A cold cherry soup. This one is a tradition in Northern Europe and England. It is made from pitted cherries cooked in water, with a little lemon zest, cinnamon and sugar. Served well chilled.

- A cold lobster soup. Seafood is always a favourite during the summer season. Mix in your food processor: cooked lobster meat, diced tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, onion and vegetable juice. Serve with a lime and guacamole.

- Grilled zucchini gazpacho. This last one is a cold soup with Spanish origins, which is served as an appetizer. To make it: blend together oven-roasted zucchini, tomatoes, red pepper, garlic, red wine vinegar and hot sauce.

So have we helped to inspire you a little? Let your imagination go and make your own cold soup creation. Do you have any recipe ideas to share with us?