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  1. Discovering The Routes Of The Wine Country, Ontario

Ontario’s wine routes

Ontario’s wine routes

Touring Ontario wine route is all about discovering firsthand how wine is produced, tasting choice products and witnessing beautiful scenery. Ontario boasts three viticulture areas which welcome thousands of visitors each year. The Niagara peninsula alone has more than 50 wineries which are situated in the countryside between Grimsby and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

All you need to do to plan an excursion is to visit the various villages, making stops at the domains where the grape reigns supreme, such as Inniskillin Wines, Château des Charmes, Reif Estates, and Hillebrand Estates, to develop a real appreciation of the local product. You can also take a stroll around the village of Jordan and initiate yourself with an educational tasting at Spring Cellars.

A little to the east of Kingston, Prince Edward County is gaining a reputation as the hot new destination on Ontario’s wine route. There we find notables such as The Grange winery, Huff and Waupoos domains, as well as Closson Chase.

Finally, the region to the north of Lake Erie, including Pelee Island, is known as the oldest commercial grape growing region in Canada. It is most southerly of our regions, sharing the same latitude as Northern California and Bordeaux, in France. You can explore the wineries on the mainland, such as Colio Estate Wines in Harrow, and Pelee Island Winery, before taking the ferry to the island itself to visit the vineyards and the winery’s pavilion.

Since it’s the season, there’s no better reason to see (and especially, taste) the richness of this country’s vineyards.

Maybe you already have a favourite spot that you’d like to share with us? Let us know!