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  1. Fruit Brochettes & Toast Ideas For Campfire Cooking

Fruit Brochettes & Toast Ideas For Campfire Cooking

A food-lover’s campfire! 

Why be satisfied with simply roasting marshmallows (though they are delicious) when there are so many other possibilities for roasting over an open fire? Here are a few suggestions that are sure to make your campfire experience even more enjoyable.

Fruit Brochettes
Do it like the Brazilians do and roast fruit brochettes over the campfire! Tropical fruits are ideal, since they hold up best in the heat, but from that point on you can let your imagination run wild! Mangos and strawberries. Bananas and marshmallows. Or how about peaches and pineapples. Some mouth-watering combinations! Don’t forget to use very long sticks when cooking, and soak them in water beforehand so they won’t burn.

Slice a hearty loaf of bread into big croutons and put them in a bowl so that everyone can serve themselves, just like with marshmallows. Then prepare different types of garnishes that the bread can be dipped in once grilled: fleur de sel and caramel sauce, chocolate spread, a variety of jams and jellies, cream cheese… you just have to let your imagination go and you’ll end up with a feast! A variety of bread flavours is also another option: raisin, chocolate, cheese, olive…

For salty food lovers
Roasting hot dog wieners over the campfire is another classic! But this summer, why not try different flavoured handcrafted sausages? You just have to head to your nearest deli or sausage shop and take your pick. In most cases you will need to blanch the sausages to precook them before roasting them over the fire. By all means take the opportunity to cut them into smaller pieces to facilitate the roasting, and eating. In any case, make sure they are thoroughly cooked before enjoying them. For spicy food lovers, we recommend the chorizo!

And what about you, what do you like to roast over the campfire?

On that note, we wish you a pleasant and succulent summer evening by the fire…