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  1. Great Sandwich Ideas That Should Not Be Missed

A Sandwich World Tour!

A Sandwich World Tour!

It’s not what you think! We’re not suggesting that you travel this summer crammed in one on top of the other! Rather here are a few sandwich ideas hailing from four different countries, to help inspire you for your summer meals.

The Shooter’s Sandwich - United Kingdom

This sandwich’s story began in the early 20th century in Britain. It was invented to meet the needs of the hunters of the era. It consists of a loaf of crusty bread, which is hollowed out; then it is stuffed with mushrooms and slices of cooked and seasoned steak.

The Bauru - Brazil

This sandwich owes its name to Bauru, Brazil; the birth city of the student who first ordered it in Sao Paulo in the 1930’s. To make yourself one: garnish a baguette with thin slices of roast beef, tomato and salty pickles. Then you sprinkle your sandwich with salt, pepper, and oregano and top it with melted mozzarella cheese.

The Bành mì - Vietnam

The idea for this sandwich was born during the time of the French colonization of Indochina. It is composed of a baguette filled with veggies (carrots, cucumbers, radishes, peppers…), an assortment of meats (pork, beef, chicken…) and coriander. Season with mayonnaise, soya sauce and nuoc mâm (fish sauce) or your favourite Asian-style sauce!

The Räksmörgas - Sweden

This is a sandwich that is often associated with Sweden but is eaten in most Nordic countries.  Start by taking two slices of your favourite bread.  On the first slice put a leaf of lettuce, and a portion of ready-to-eat chilled shrimp.  On the second slice: a hard-boiled egg cut in thin slices, a spoonful of mayonnaise, and slices of cucumber. It’s served open-faced and garnished with some fresh chives and a lemon wedge.  

Do you have a favourite exotic sandwich? Tell us about it!