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  1. Ideas & Recipes For Cooking Brussels Sprouts

Ideas & Recipes For Cooking Brussels Sprouts

Ideas for cooking Brussels Sprouts

Like all vegetables that are grown here in Canada, the beginning of autumn is also synonymous with the harvest of Brussels sprouts. Every year we always end up cooking them the same way: boiled and served as a side-dish. Here are some ideas for different ways to eat your Brussels sprouts this fall.
Before we get started, it is important to note that you should trim the ends, peel off any yellow or damaged leaves and make a little X with a knife on the base of each sprout; this will help speed up the cooking process. It’s also recommended to try and pick Brussels sprouts that are all about the same size so that they cook evenly.

As a salad
After having boiled your Brussels sprouts, you can serve them warm or cold, in a salad with some vegetables of your choice, and your favourite dressing. To do this, delicately peel off the leaves and cook them slightly so they remain a little crunchy.

In a stir fry
As is the case with most vegetables, Brussels sprouts are also excellent sautéed. This autumn, instead of using strips of bok choy in your favourite stir-fried vegetables recipe, opt instead for Brussels sprouts, either using the peeled leaves or cut into quarters.

In stews
Like all types of cabbage, Brussels sprouts cook up really nicely in meat stew recipes. I recommend picking out the smallest and youngest ones, their flavour will be slightly sweeter which will make your beef stew dishes taste really amazing! Be careful though, over cooked Brussels sprouts tend to be more bitter.

Au gratin
Nothing is better to pair with poultry than a delicious cheesy gratin. This autumn why not give Brussels Sprouts au gratin a try, with a little of your favourite broth or cream, garlic, and topped with your cheese of choice. A guaranteed success!

How do you like to prepare your Brussels sprouts?