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  1. Key Lime Pie History and Origins

Lime pie: the story revealed!

Lime pie: the story revealed!

To experience summer in all its glory, nothing is better than a slice of lime pie. Also called Key lime pie, this delicious and refreshing dessert originated in the Florida Keys archipelago, at the southern-most tip of the Florida peninsula; more precisely, the city of Key West.

The main ingredients for this famous pie are limes, milk and eggs. It’s also topped with whipped cream. If you want a version that’s lower in fat, the whipped cream can be replaced by meringue. In the beginning the pie was made using a small green lemon that was grown in the region. It should be mentioned that Florida alone is responsible for two thirds of the national production of citrus fruits.

Who made the first Key lime pie? It was a cook by the name of Aunt Sally who created the famous pie at the end of the 1800’s. While working for a millionaire named William Curry (1821-1896), who lived in the Keys region, Aunt Sally actually modified and improved upon a recipe that already existed. But it wasn’t until 1930 that her version was finally written down on paper. Without easy access to fresh milk (the refrigerator as we know it didn’t exist yet), the famous pie was made with condensed milk, and so the tradition continues to today. That’s what lends the pie its creamy and succulent taste.

And as an added note, since July 1st 2006, the Key lime pie has become one of the symbols representing the state of Florida.

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