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  1. New Ideas For Your Pasta and Noodle Dishes

Interesting noodle dishes…

Interesting noodle dishes…

There’s nothing too complicated about making a good noodle dish…Who among us hasn’t whipped up a nice plate of pasta in an effort to save time after coming home from long day at work? It’s so quick and easy!  Because a good plate of pasta is the “go to” comfort food.

But to avoid too much repetition, we have thought of a few ideas to help spice up your supper menu…all while staying simple of course!

First, here is an idea for the vegetarian in you: add eggs for some added protein! All you have to do is cook the pasta of your choice until al dente.  Then strain, add a little butter, and then an egg. Heat the whole thing while stirring to nicely coat the pasta. Add your choice of vegetables that you have pre-cooked.  When the egg is a scrambled texture, but still soft, it is ready to serve in a bowl. Add a little pepper and garlic salt and voila!

For a change, why not try new types of pasta? Forget good old spaghetti or penne and opt for fusilli lunghi bucati (long spiral noodles) or even anellinis (little ring shaped pasta). Keep in mind that a more delicate sauce is usually used with smaller and thinner pasta and an oilier sauce pairs better with bigger noodles like penne or rotini.

You want to eat more vegetables or choose a dish which is better for you? Why not try spaghetti squash? It’s a completely different way to experience a pasta-type dish, with all the nutrition of a vegetable… but without all the starch!

For some fast and simple noodle recipes, don’t miss our show on Saturday. We will prepare three pasta recipes that are sure be a hit with the whole family.

Until then, don’t hesitate to send us your recipe suggestions…we can’t wait to hear your ideas!