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  1. Tarragon Herb Cooking Technique & Ideas

Tarragon Herb Cooking Technique & Ideas

Cooking with Tarragon

Tarragon may feel unknown to some. And yet, it is one of the four main herbs found in French cuisine (the others being parsley, chervil and chives). It is also an important ingredient used in Béarnaise sauce. Its fragrance might remind you of anise, and it is often slow-cooked to obtain maximum flavour.

When tarragon is fresh, its flavour is particularly intense. It can therefore be dried to obtain a milder taste (and prolong its shelf life). Tarragon is often used in chicken dishes, potato salads, sauces and creams, and even in salmon and trout dishes. Sprinkle this dried herb on your steamed vegetables (like carrots for example) to add an interesting taste.

You can keep tarragon by dipping the leaves in a small bottle of vinegar. Your vinegar will be deliciously flavoured, and the fresh herb will retain its flavour for future use.

Word of advice to gardeners: the taste and smell of tarragon is unpleasant to insects. It is therefore recommended to plant seedlings near other types of herbs to protect your garden against petty invaders!

How do you use tarragon in cooking? Send us your suggestions!