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  1. Tips & Ideas For A Perfect Hot Chocolate

Tips & Ideas For A Perfect Hot Chocolate

The perfect hot chocolate

When it gets cold outside, and the snow begins piling up and the daylight hours get shorter and shorter, it’s normal that we start to seek out simple pleasures to help comfort us and raise our spirits. And what could be better to accomplish that task, than a good ol’ cup of hot chocolate!!

This classic recipe for this treat holds no mystery, but the research team here at what’s cooking have thought up a few suggestions of how you can give a little “twist” to the well-known version.

Idea number one: melt your own chocolate! Add either milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or for a bit of a switch, white chocolate, to a pot of warm milk. And to spice it up, mix in a few spices, like nutmeg, vanilla, or cinnamon.

Don’t hesitate to vary from your usual presentation! With a see-through glass you can make “layers” using whipped cream or foamed milk. Why not add in a hint of coffee? If you are planning on serving it to your guests you can decorate the glass with a nice ribbon.

Another fun little tip: you can make your own chocolate dipped spoons for stirring your hot chocolate. All you have to do is melt a little chocolate and dip in some little spoons, then you set them down on some parchment paper. Put it in the fridge, and wait an hour; it’s that simple! The chocolate will slowly melt when you dip the spoon into the hot beverage.

Do you have your own version of hot chocolate to share? Don’t be shy; send it along!