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  1. Tips & Tricks to Prepare Various Dishes Using Pumpkin

Tips & Tricks to Prepare Various Dishes Using Pumpkin

Now starring… the pumpkin!

Autumn has arrived, and Halloween is just around the corner. So now is the best time of the year to stock up on pumpkins. They are not merely a pretty decoration however; they are also equally succulent and simple to cook. Here are a few different ways to prepare them.

Get your fill of dessert ideas
Pumpkin cake with pecans, pumpkin pie, carrot-pumpkin cake, pumpkin and date squares, orange-pumpkin muffins, honey-pumpkin cookies… The choices are numerous since it is such a versatile squash due to its subtle flavour, and its texture which makes any mix turn out soft and rich.

First course? Of course!
Pineapple and pumpkin combine to make an excellent chutney, which pairs perfectly with pork. Small sized pumpkins make attractive serving bowls, and you can stuff them with veal à l’orange, yellow peppers and parsley. Also, why not incorporate it into a soup? Along with some leek, onions, potatoes and cream, nothing could be better to warm you on a chilly fall day! And by the way, pumpkin and sweet potato also make a very tasty velouté.

Pumpkin seeds: an excellent accompaniment
Roasted pumpkin seeds make a delicious sun dried tomato pesto with a little garlic and olive oil. Added to some rice and chopped vegetables the seeds also make a great substitute for pecans. Lastly, oven roasted pumpkin seeds are a perennial favourite, but you can spice them up a little by sprinkling them with seasoning mixes such as curry and paprika, or even some chili pepper and oregano. A new spin on an old classic!

What is your favourite way to cook pumpkin?