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  1. Unique Pomegranate Dish Ideas

The pomegranate: from appetizer to dessert…

The pomegranate: from appetizer to dessert…

How generous is mother nature to offer us this fruit; teeming with flavour, vivid red in colour, and with a unique form, bordering on bizarre? The pomegranate is truly a fruit of distinction. Just like its sweet and tart flavour, the pomegranate is very versatile. It is often used in juice form, or added to meals or desserts. Here are a few ideas for dishes that include the pulpy seeds of this fruit, also called “arils”, which burst with flavour with each bite.

As an appetizer
Pomegranate can be added as an ingredient to a salsa, with hot pepper, green onion, some citrus fruit and a few cilantro leaves. It’s the perfect summery dipping sauce! You can also serve the arils on a cracker with some hummus (chick pea purée).

In salads
Add some pomegranate to fennel, slices of green apple, and cheese shavings. It’s a great taste combination, and a sure-fire success! The flavour of pomegranate also pairs well with corn salad leaves, or arugula, garnished with some raisins and hazelnuts.

In a meal
The lightly sautéed seeds of the pomegranate make a great side dish to roasted meat, or as flavour-booster for sautéed vegetables. Serve the seeds with chicken that has been marinated in orange juice and soy sauce. And for the piece de resistance; add a few figs. It’s sheer deliciousness!

As a dessert
You can add the arils to a fruit salad to give it a special touch. Or put them in your cake, muffin, or pastry recipe; dried pomegranate seeds are a great substitute for raisins.

There are plenty of great reasons to add this fruit to any course on your menu!