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Is there anything better that the sweet taste of a cherry eaten right off the stem? A true reminder that summer is here.


  • General categories of cherries include sweet and sour. Specific sweet varieties include Bing, Regina, William, and Napoleon. Sour cherries include Morello, Kentish, and Driotte.
  • White cherries, which are actually yellow in colour with a slightly red tone, are gaining in popularity.


  • Available spring through fall in most markets, but at it's peak in early summer.


  • Choose large, shiny, plump cherries with green stems. Cherries become dull when overripe. Unripe cherries are hard and have poor colour.
  • Sweet cherries should be quite firm, but not hard and deeply coloured.
  • Sour cherries should be medium firm and brightly coloured.
  • Choose cherries that have stems. Without stems they are more susceptible to bacteria and mold.


  • Store unwashed cherries in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic for up to 3 days.


  • Rinse cherries in cool water and drain in a single layer on paper towel just before using. Remove stem just before eating.
  • Sour cherries are best when cooked. Use for baking or sauces.
  • Use cherry-stoning tool to remove pits for jam making or pies.


  • Add to fruit salads or green salads.
  • Serve cherries ice-cold right out of the fridge.
  • Cherries taste great with all poultry.

Cherry Recipes