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How to Peel a Melon

Place a melon on its side on a cutting board and cut in half lengthwise, end-to-end with a large chef's knife.

Hold a melon half in one hand and scrape out seeds with an ice cream scoop or serving spoon.

Place a melon half on cutting board with cut side up. Hold steady with one hand and cut through the center to make 2 wedges. Repeat with other melon halves. To make smaller wedges, cut each wedge in half again.

To cut the rind off the wedges, start by holding a melon wedge on the cutting board. Then insert a knife between the flesh and the rind at the tip of the wedge.

Gently guide the knife back and forth along the base of the flesh following the curve of the fruit. Continue until you reach the other tip and the fruit is free from the rind.

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