There are over 5000 varieties of pear. The flavour of this fruit is as varied as it's shape. It can taste sweet or tart depending on the variety. Pears are a good source of fibre and folic acid.



This large, bell-shaped fruit is very juicy and has white flesh. Both the red and green varieties are equally delicious. They're perfect for making jams or canning.


Rounder with a shorter neck, the D'Anjou is sweet with a mild flavour. It's very juicy with yellow-white flesh. D'Anjous are available in two shades: yellow-green and maroon red, although there is no flavour difference.


The Bosc pear is slender and features a long neck. The taste is rich and nutty with a firm, crunchy and dense yellow-white flesh and a tan or yellow-brown exterior. It's great for baking or poaching because of its shape, flavour and texture.


These pears have a short neck and stem. Comice pears are greenish-yellow in colour and are perfect for eating on their own or with a yogourt dip, in salads, desserts or with cheeses.


Smaller than most varieties, the Forelle looks like a mini-Bartlett. Forelles are usually green skinned with red freckles. When it ripens, the skin turns golden yellow with bright red freckles. It isn't really sweet or juicy, but makes a great presentation fruit - perfect for garnishing.


  • All year round, with peak season in late summer and fall.


  • Look for pears with colouring characteristic of their variety.
  • Pears should have clean smooth skins and free from cuts and bruises.
  • A ripe pear is one that is still slightly firm and gives a bit at the stem-end.


  • Ripe pears spoil easily, so refrigerate them and use within a couple of days of purchase.
  • To hasten the ripening process store pears in a brown paper bag. Ripe pears can spoil easily and their flavour is best when cool.
  • Handle pears with care to avoid bruising.


  • Rinse under cool running water prior to use.
  • Do not peel or core until ready to use.
  • 1 lb pears is equal to:
    - 2 large pears
    - 3 medium pears
    - 2 1/2 cups sliced pears
    - 2 1/3 diced pears
    - 1 3/4 cups pear puree


  • When transporting pears in a picnic or for lunch, wrap in a few layers of paper towel to avoid bruising.