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  1. Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas For Cookies

Cookies and Bars, great “Thank You” gifts: ideas for wrapping them

Cookies and Bars, great “Thank You” gifts: ideas for wrapping them

As Christmas approaches it’s crunch time for coming up with those little thank you gifts we like to give to those that have done us a special service over the year. It could be your friendly postal worker, or perhaps your child’s teacher or baby sitter; whomever you are planning on thanking, cookies and bars will do the trick.

A couple of episodes ago we had a show called Cookies and Bars Extravaganza, which offered up a few great ideas for holiday presents (you can watch it again in the “Shows” section). Then on our Christmas show, Jenn Playford demonstrates a great wrapping idea. Ms. Playford wrote the book on wrapping the Japanese furoshiki style, using a cloth or scarf that you tie around the present in an eye-pleasing fashion. Here are a couple more crafty wrapping ideas:

The old-fashioned tin cookie can: in keeping with the theme why not use a pretty cookie tin, you can either buy some second-hand ones from the thrift shop or a lot of the larger grocery stores have new nicely coloured and patterned ones that you can buy.  Either way it’s more earth friendly than gift wrap since they will get used again and again. The furoshiki wrapping method is ideal for these difficult-to-wrap objects like round cookie tins.

Baking pans: In the same vein; why not use a baking tin, like a loaf pan, to pack your cookies or bars? In fact you could even wrap up the bars in the pan that they are baked in.  It would mean, again, procuring yourself some second-hand pans that you won’t mind giving away.  First cover the top with some plastic wrap, then tie a festive ribbon around it, and you’re done!

Chinese take-out boxes These days you can find colourful “take-out” containers which are intended for wrapping presents, at all the big craft stores. These are an ideal way to package your holiday cookies and bars (line it with a little wax paper if you want the receiver to be able to reuse the box).

What other original wrapping ideas are there out there? Please share!